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Hello everyone. About a month ago the window that opens (the camera "cap") when you turn the camera on became jammed and does not open. I didn't drop it, just picked t up one day, put it on and the cap refused to open I absolutely LOVE this camera and was very upset about this. I brought it to a few camera repair places in my area, but the estimates were more than I wanted to spend to repair the camera so I figured I would just buy a new one.

I did some research, but it doesn't seem like that many decent cameras have come out lately. I am not a professional photographer, but I do use the camera ALOT...and I would like very clear, good pictures. I did some research, and it seems like the 2 best cameras for me would be the Canon Powershot A700 or the sony dscp200. The reviews for both of these cameras were very good. My only worry about the canon is that it doesn't seem like it would easily fit into a pants pocket because of its bulkiness. The Sony looks similar to my P8, so i assume it would fit.

I would have bought the sony dscp200 already, but in some of the reviews of the sony dscp200, I noticed that there were complaints about the flash. There are times when I take pictures in darker places (parties, bars, my car, outside, etc), so I would need a good flash. There were also some complaints about the build of the Sony dscp200.

I don't mind spending a little extra on a good camera that will last...I am really looking to spend between $250-$400 for a good camera.Does anyone have any recommendations for me? It also seems like the majority of reviews were from cameras that were released over a year ago. Are any new cameras coming out within the next few months that are worth waiting for?

Thanks in advance, I really really appreciate it

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There are lots of new cameras that have just come out or are coming out. Have a look at the www.dpreview.com web site as well as on here for the latest reviews. I got the A540 to replace my Sony P7 and am very happy with it
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