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Default my space mission

I recently sent a small canon sd1100 to 110,000 feet and took some fun pictures and movies using CHDK -- http://icbnn.wordpress.com/2009/01/02/launch/

You can see pictures that reveal the flight conditions from that page.

I have another mission coming up and I'd like to switch to a small HD camcorder (1920 x 1080) to record the flight.

I'm looking for a camcorder that will record an excellent picture in the kinds of lighting conditions you see in the pictures above.

I'll need to *continuously* record about 4 hours. FAT32 file systems have a max file size of 4GB so assuming the camera uses a FAT32 format on the SDHC card, it would need to be smart enough to chomp the file and start a new one without human interaction. I cannot use a camera with a built in hard drive as hard drives tend not to work in a vacuum and future flights will top out at more than 150,000 feet.

The battery is not an issue as I will take the the external power adapter and hook it into a lithium polymer power pack that will power the flight computer and some other systems. That is wiring I can figure out on my own; but lower power consumption is better!

I'd like to keep the weight of the camera down to half a pound or so at the most.

I've been looking all around but no luck yet.


The outside temperature will drop as low as -70C. I will have environmental controls built in but the more tolerant the camera is of an extreme environment the better.


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Neat. I'd probably just release and press the shutter button again during boring portions of the flight to start a new 4GB video, then combine them later using software, bringing some 16GB or 32GB cards along for more storage, changing them when needed (during boring moments, of course). ;-)
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