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sandoze1 Jun 15, 2006 10:32 PM

I'm looking for an ultra-compact (I've been using the Minolta x/xt series, last one now dead) since I like to always carry a camera so portability/discretion is paramount. One limitation is that I would really like an optical viewfinder,since firing up a LCD screen isn't ideal in all situations (e.g. in a darkened theatre).
I think it's a shame so many of the manufacturers, e.g. Sony, are now dropping optical viewfinders, however tiny, from their newest ultra-compacts.

I believe I've narrowed my selection to the following given a roughly $250 US budget (web-side):

Canon SD600
Sony DSC W50
Casio Exlim EX-Z750

My wife has an older Canon s400 which is pretty nice (though not "ultra" compact), and it seems quite sturdy and reliable. I like the fact that the Casio has a fully manual setting ( I've graduated in the last several years to digital after 35mm SLRs and an ancient Leica rangefinder--spoiled now by convenience/portability--but would appreciate some "old-school" techniques now and again). The Sony also seems to be well-regarded, and has several accessories (e.g. lense multipliers) available.

Anyway, if anybody has any opinion on this admittedly very specific and somewhat obscure request, I'd be very interested! All three seem like pretty nice cameras.

omGARY Jun 16, 2006 12:46 AM

im choosing the sony. casio seems to have a few technical problems with transferring photos. i also like the pic quality better. plus i dont enjoy using a dock cradle, if that's the case with the casio 750.

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