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First, thanks again for those who read and responded to my Jan 24th post. After reading on several sites and going to several "big box" stores to feel the cameras, I have another "what do you think question." In summary, my camera of the past nearly 3 years has been a Pentax Optio 33L with 3.2MP and 38-114 lens.The last post on my previous question suggested the Pan LZ2. I have also been reading and thinking more seriously about the Pentax Optio 750Z, the Oympus 7000Z, and maybe the Nikon Coolpix 8700. All give me a significant MP ugrade, increase the fun and options of more zoom, but don't get me into the super zoom. Steve's review implies the LZ2 is nearly all auto, and I have enough experience to do some overides and manual chocies, so an all auto camera isn't appealing. Also, I keep reading with real interest about the Pan LZ7 and Pan LZ30 even though I know they areSuper Zoom compared to theother 4 mentioned above. As I get older, I really like the idea of image stabilization for any shots, but maybe it is not as important in the zoom ranges of the 4 non-super zoom listed above. Finally, I read with interest the price drop announced today on the Pentax dSLR (I haveold Pentax Super Program SLR & Pentax 105 R P&S film cameras.) but I can't justify $800+ with extra lens etc. for my use and skill. This forumis so helpful. Thanksin advance for your thoughts and comments.

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Two formers are completely designed for Point&Shoot/Point&Pray automatic use... controls inside menus are torture.
Neither has that Nikon real manual/mechanical zoom... as former SLR user you propably know well the difference between it and button zoom.
(considering they've made cameras, not toycameras, for long time I've been really disappointed that all of their digicams are button zooms)

Considering what IS can do here's good example of KonicaMinolta's AntiShake (which is based to moving of sensor unlike traditional way of moving lens element) does:
Basing to amount of shaking that might be taken at wide angle (28mm), when you zoom towards tele video becomes easily almost "nausea causing" jerky... I've tested it and AS helps really much for that.

And like I said in that previous thread zoom number isn't important but focal length and use: is it general photography/landscapes/architecture or wild animals/bird... zoom of those (Konica)Minolta A-serie cameras is just 7x but wide angle is almost 1/3rd wider than in those me-too unwide angle super-/ultrazooms spewed out by every bigger manufacturer.

asburydan wrote:
but I can't justify $800+ with extra lens etc. for my use
Yeah, unless low light is priority high end non-SLR gives DSLRs real run for its money, actually even more because getting similar versatility requires multiple lenses which means bigger dent to wallet and more weight to carry:
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I got my Pan prefixes mixed up in post. I have been looking with interest at Pan FZ5 and soon to be FZ7 and FZ30. I have also been reading about the new Pan LZ5.
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