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I have had my eye on these cameras for a while. The stats on both appear to be identical exception of the 3.2mp on the 200 and the 4mp on the 300. The difference in prices between the two is about $60. I suppose since I wont be making large photos very often I can dismiss the need for a 4mp camera. Is there any reason anyone can think of why I should choose the 300 over the 200?
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Well if you have seen them in stores. 300 is much smaller and lighter, longer battery life, and take unlimited movies (still kinda sucks due to file size but beter than 30 seconds limit)

no the benefits do not justify 60 dollars whereever you are getting it from. but wait for a deal where you can get 300 for 160 or 200 for 120
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Just for clarification, the SD200 Canon is marginally lighter, but the same size as the SD300. My understanding, both can take "unlimited" movies. The cheapest I've seen (without a special promotion) is around $200 US for the SD200. The SD300 does run around $50 more. For that you get 4 MB instead of 3.2 MB and a slightly different finish. I'm guessing that if you took a photo and wanted to enlarge a specific section to say print a 5x7 or maybe 8x10, the SD300 might give you better results (although one expert reviewer gives an edge in general photo quality to the SD200 around the edges-so the "section" should be nearer the "center"). Note, I'm still also deciding between the two, but trying to talk myself into the 300 (who knows why). As of 11/02/05 (in the US anyway), and to confuse the issue even more, one can now find the SD400 for around $260 (or only $10 more than the SD300 to get 5MB, "My Color" options, USB2 high speed for downloading photos and a newer manufacture date). I suspect the new SD450 with a 2.5" LCD and the 4MB SD300 is squeezing the SD400 price down.
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