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Hi all, any suggestions appreciated. I am a novice with cameras and wanted some opinions.

I need the ability to take pictures of circuitboards. As close as possible and as much detail as possible. I don't want to break the bank doing this but wanted to hear some suggestions. I thought about the Canon S2 originally but realized I'm not zooming in on something yards away but literally going to use the camera somewhat like a microscope at times. I read about the supermaco feature on it that seemed to fit the bill but really wanted simple as well.

This is for a small manufacturing company and I'm the IT geek. We have a microscope station for pictures but this is more for mobility on the floor. There will be multiple users also so hence simple is highly needed.

Thanks for all suggestions.
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The Canon S2 IS, in Macro mode, focuses from 3.9 inches to 1.6 feet.

In Super Macro the distance is O (zero) to 3.9 inches.

(distances measured from front of lens)
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The canon S2 has a sweet super macro mode, which can focus on things pretty much right up against the glass (although in autofocus, it tends to focus on points of the subject further away so I use manual to set the focus at its munimum) Im not so impressed with its "regular" macro mode though


this was taken with the super macro mode. The lens resting on the lip of the plastic at the bottom of the frame so it takes some nice shots of really close up things.

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Old Mar 25, 2006, 4:48 PM   #4
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Unless you have very good lightning there I would keep "wide angle" macro cameras bad choises, those require cramming lens almost to target which shadows it badly. (and there's always risk of cramming lens literally to target)

Also depending on use wide angle macros could be worser from other aspect... badly distorted and corner soft shots propably wouldn't go well to "official" documents, if it's that to what you need photos.

Here's DPreview's supermacro test shot of S2:

So what I would check would be how small area camera can capture with reasonable lens-target distance for allowing easy lightning. (and how distortion free images you need)

BTW, DPreview's reviews are excellent for checking real macro capability/image quality.
(just go directly to "photographic tests" part of review)
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What you're after is like this I assume:

Camera is (IMO badly prematurely) discontinued KonicaMinolta A2.
Only light is coming from window, width of photo is 5cm/2" and distance to target is 12cm, actually even internal flash would work quite well because of longer distance.

Whole range from Minolta DiMage 7-serie to KonicaMinolta A200 use same lens and have this capability.


PS. Don't worry, I didn't butcher that ADSL modem just for getting this shot.
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Great photo! I just orderd my Canon S2. Can't wait to get it.

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