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nelmr May 16, 2006 11:20 AM

Hello, I've been on this forum for a while and have read many posts about cameras. I have limited my budjet to $1000 dollars. I want a dslr. My current camera is a Fuji S5100. I have no loyalty to brand so it doesnt matter.

I also already own both a bogen tripod and monopod so IS/VR lenses are not absolutely neccessary for me. I do not have CS2 or Elements 4. Only PS6 and elements 1.

I have been thinking about these two options (prices are from B&H):

Nikon d50, Nikon 18-70mm, Tamron 70-300mm = $1049.85

Nikon d70s, Nikon 18-70mm, Tamron 70-300mm = $1104.9

Canon 350D, Canon 17-85 USM II IS, Canon (tamron same price) 70-300mm = $1229.90

At first I thought I was going to wait to get a better camera and use my S5100 on the trip. But my wife has given me $500 to put towards the camera. I probably will only be going to the 3 mentioned countries only once in my life (I am from the US and this trip is going to be approx. $7k for 2 people).

That said I don't have much money to spend. About $1k is my budet. As such the canon is pushing it a bit.

My photography needs (or things I would like to do) are as follows, including how much percentage of my photography would likely be the case:

40% Landscape/outdoors
30% Indoors family, wedding, natural light shoots
15% studio/still life
15% sports/action

I would also like to be able to print up to 13x19 which the 350d has the better advantage in my opinon.

Okay so here starts my questions:

The only thing about the 350d I don't like is the grip as it isn't nearly as comfortable (but I can't afford a d20, or d30, but I could get a d10 used for about the same price). The 350d is about 200 more than I want to spend.

I realize that all 3 cameras mentioned will produce nice photos.

So I guess I am wanting to know which system is a better buy that will offer me the most photographic options for around 1k. I am having a hard time choosing between these three cameras though.

I realize the d50 has the least features (but does have better noise preformance and is the cheapest)

When it comes to the d70s vs. the 350d what are the major differences other than 8mp, battery grip, flash sync speed, burst speed, and cost? Does the d70s have any edge over the 350d?

I at first thought of getting a d20 or fuji s3 pro to have the most features but they are out of my reach regarding cost unless I get a poor lens. Thus I have decided to buy the cheaper bodies and get some decent lenses. Any other comments or suggestions are welcome, although I have decided not to get olympus (due to noise) or pentax (due to the "system" I'd be investing into and upgrade options later). I'm not sure about the 5d/7d right now do to it's being bought by sony. Though I would possibly consider them. Thanks in advance.

nelmr May 16, 2006 1:22 PM

Well, I just got back from a local camera store that has the d50, d70s, and XT. Out of the three I like the feel and look of the d70s better, followed by the d50, and regarding the XT, I just don't know if I could live with it's small size and unfomfortable grip.

When reading the'r review of the d70, I didnt' realize that the d70s was the current model. Are the larger LCD, continous shooting til memory full, and slight redesign the only differences?

E.T May 16, 2006 1:48 PM

nelmr wrote:

The only thing about the 350d I don't like is the grip as it isn't nearly as comfortable (but I can't afford a d20, or d30, but I could get a d10 used for about the same price).
That's why you should try these bodies in your hand before deciding...
I myself don't have any bigger than normal hand but when I had chance to try 350d it felt like toy.


I'm not sure about the 5d/7d right now do to it's being bought by sony.
KM's camera department was bought by Sony and they'll handle warranty for KM cameras.
Also Sony is going to soon announce their own DSLR (rebadged KM or new model, that we don't know yet) and they also announced they're going to make their own lenses for Minolta's lens mount so in that aspect those aren't dead end. (and sensor based stabilization making every lens stabilized is propably really nice feature)

nelmr May 16, 2006 2:03 PM

Also, which camera has the best RAW mode (compatablity with 3rd party software). Also I heard (and don't know it is true or not), that Nikon compresses their raw files. Is this a lossy or lossless compression?

nelmr May 16, 2006 2:25 PM

Another question. This is d70s vs. d50. Remember lens isn't an issue as I am thinking about getting the same 18-70mm for both (and thus their price with just that lens is almost idenical, d50 = 889.90, d70s = 944.95)

D50 has better dynamic range than the d70s
D50 has better noise control
D70s has better ergonomics
D70s has button controled image parameters (metering, etc)
D70s has 2 control dials
D70s has better per pixel sharpness
D70s has wireless flash
D70s has mirror lockup

I just wish There was a camera that had the d50's dynamic range and noise charaterists, D70s's feel and control, and the XT's resolution and sharpness.

I don't know which to get, although I am more slightly focused on nikon over the XT.

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