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Hi there, Netman-

Concerning the Panasonic ZR-1. Using the camera with the ZR-1 camera in the Auto ISO mode allowed the flash range to be easily extended out to 10 to 11 feet. As the flash range is increased from 6 feet, the ZR-1 camera increases the ISO setting. It works well out to about 10 to 11 feet, where you will find the ISO setting used required ISO 800. At that point, the electronic noise thanks to the new Panasonic HD image processor, is still well under control, and small 4" X 6" prints will look good.

Beyond 11 feet, the ISO begins to get too high (ISO 1250 at 15 feet) and the image quality suffers due to noise reduction and electronic noise. So, if you keep the flash range (which with a nice 25mm wide angle is not difficult) at and below 11 feet, everything looks good.

The F-70EXR attachment looks good and will improve your image quality measurably. You may have to tweak here and there, but with your photo experience, that should not be a problem.

Have a great day.

Sarah Joyce
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