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I have a dSLR and many thousands of dollars worth of lenses, but they are all packed in a large backpack that I don't want to lug around for random photos and pictures of friends. I need a P&S that is VERY small that I could keep in my pocket at all times and not really notice. I want to make it a routine object I pick up every morning like my keys and wallet.

So far, I was impressed with the Sony DSC-T700. I played with it a little at Best Buy. Obviously you can't do extensive testing with it tethered to the bench, but I liked what I saw. The interface wasn't too bad, I loved the touch screen and the 4GB of internal memory is awesome since I won't have to buy expensive Sony memory (a reason I steered clear of Sony in the past).

I have read a few reviews on it and it seems to get decent reviews, with people's biggest complaint being poor quality at high ISO. This will not be a camera I take artsy pictures with and blow up to 16x20. I just want a go-anywhere P&S to capture images of my life.

What do you think about this camera? Is there a better camera out there that is ultra-compact in the same price range? I have a quote on the T700 for $320. All of my dSLR cameras are Canons and I've been loyal to them, but I didn't really see anything that wowed me from Canon.
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Fujifilm, Nikon,and Samsung allsell similar flush lens designs for at least $100 less than that Sony. Maybe get one of those cheap ones as a trial. If you find you really are happy with this form factor, then upgrade to an expensive Sony? BTW there are "conventional" designs with extending lenses by Casio and Olympus that have cases even thinner than the Sony. Again for a lot less $$.

cheap Kelly
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I haven't seen any reviews of the T700 yet. That's a lot of pixels for a tiny sensor though (and that's not always a good thing). ;-)

Steve's reviewed the T200 and it looks like it did quite well for this type of camera. See the review conclusion for more info on how it stacks up. It's an 8MP model with a bit better zoom range.

It was added to Steve's Best Cameras List (models deemed to be a good value within their market niche).


Steve's also reviewed the T70 (not as much zoom range from wide to long)


FWIW, the Sony T Series models had the highest customer satisfaction rating in the Ultra Slim category, based on the last J.D. Power Surveys:


Of course, that could change next time around (and I'm not sure I'd have a lot of faith of those types of surveys without knowing more details about the type of customers being surveyed, questions asked, etc.). Especially given these types of disclaimers:

"Please note that J.D. Power Consumer Center Ratings may not include all information used to determine J.D. Power and Associates awards."

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