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The Ricoh GR looks like a great camera, but it's way out of my price range and far too large to be discrete with the 21 mm lens and hood adaptor.

One thing I just noticed about the new Kodak V705 is that it does not include the Photo Frame 2 like the V570 does. And the black version doesn't come out until November. Do I really need 7 MP for real estate brochures (max of 8x10)?
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no you dont need anything like 7mp
I use 7 now, and on occasion they take a hammering via processing to make them look ok. But your uploads to the net will likely be 800x600 72dpi, for signage or print media they want 300dpi usually. Virtually any 5mp camera has all you need, less can be ok IF its sharp.

I hate to say this, but maybe you could use a discrete camera (the small kodak) and something more able, because poor light can only be compensated via longer exposure (tripod time) or heavy flash. Heavy flash means a more able hotshoe equiped camera, with TTL if you can.

It isnt an easy brief to fulfill, thats why/how I make my living, and I equiped myself to automate as much of the process that I can, to reduce time and costs, and that includes cameras, gear and software.

there are cheaper Ricoh's than GR-1, and some agents use them here with just 28mm, you can get by, but really it requires investment, and really, 28mm isnt wide enough.

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Thanks Riley. I agree...I only want this camera for work. And to be honest, I'm not really concerned about the flash or low light capability. Most of the office and industrial spaces I work in are well lit, and I can turn up the brightness using software if needed. If it's too dark for the V570, then it's too dark for many other ultra compacts as well. If I NEED to get pics in a poorly lit area, I'll borrow a D-SLR with an external flash, or I'll hire someone with more experience and better equipment...like you. Oops, wrong continent. Optical image stabilization would be nice and very usefull, but it's not necessary.
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