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I have had many different camers in the past , all were ok.

I want a cheap to mid priced digital that will take pictures in low light areas,

with anti-shake , and can be printed on 8x10 paper.

right now I have two cameras, Kodak DX7630 that makes great outside shots.

and a HP E317 also great outside shots, inside sometimes ok.

I went to a inside showing of floor tiles convention and took around 100 pictures both with and without flash and ended up with 30 good shoots because of shake or flash.

talk to me about what I might check into.

I shot inside regular light, low light and outside.

Also I would preferr a camera with litho batteries not AA
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Please keep in mind that IS is not a magic bullet. The key to low light level shooting, without blurry photos, and with the proper exposure for the existing light conditions, when you are not using flash,is the camera's higher ISO capability. Neither of your present two cameras have ISO settings available to them with a greater than an ISO 400 setting.

Therefore, when shooting without flash, as you describe in your opening post, the resulting shutter speed that the camera is going to select will be very low indeed. In fact, it will be below the shautter speed at which you can handhold the camera to takeyour photo without cameramovement during the exposure. It is camera movement during the exposure that causes photo bluriness.

The Panasonic line of digital cameras, has made IS a key feature for their line of cameras. Panasonic originally went to using the IS feature in their long zoom cameras (greater than 10X optical zoom) because when a camera is zoomed to its maximum, small involuntary camera movements which are multiplied when the camera is at or nearthe max zoom setting, needed to be dampened. Likewise, IS was useful as well when using very low shutter speeds. With care and practice, users found that they could handhold their cameras at lower than normal shutter speeds. This is very similiar to taking a deep breath before actuating the shutter to prevent involuntary body movements such as chest heaving. Unfortunately, most Panasonic digital cameras show very visible noisein their photos when used at ISO setting of 200 ISO and above.

So, in your case, I would suggest that you look for a camera having first of all a high ISO capability, then if IS were also available it would be a bonus, but certaily not a requirement.

Based on the fact that yourtwo present cameras are 3X optical zoom cameras, why not take a look at the Fuji F-10, F-11, or the soon to be introduced FujiF-30 cameras. The F-10 and F-11 can use ISO settings up to ISO 1600 and the F-30 will be able to use up to ISO 3200. Fuji has been able to develop an imager in these 6.3mp cameras that does not show a great increase in photo noise as the ISO setting is increased.

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