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Old Jul 8, 2006, 12:56 PM   #1
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Frist of all sorry about my English, im from Spain so ill try to write my best.

I have been reading for a long the reviews of those two cameras in Steves's Digicams and comparing the samples i found in the web.

I arrive the shop to ask for the final prices and i found that sony is cheaper than canon (maybebecause is an oldder model), but all the accesories are most expensive in sony than in canon (memory cards, bag for the camera...).

At the end I totalize the price for the camera ans accesories and I found both of them are the same for my pocket (same total price).

So I need an extra help from anybody to help me, what camera and why?

I couldn't reach any other more expensive models. And the camera is for my wife, to take photos of our children so must be quick (both of the are quick cams) and small (both of them are small cams).

Im worried about the definition and quality of the photos, in the samples i saw than sony makes sharper and more vivid color photos than canon, but coul be only my impresion.

Thank a lot for your help. Regards,
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Old Jul 9, 2006, 11:08 AM   #2
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Please. help me!!

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Old Jul 9, 2006, 3:08 PM   #3
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For the use you describe I believe that the Canon will serve you better (es mejor)than the Sony. Bueno suerte!

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Old Jul 9, 2006, 5:31 PM   #4
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Thanks very much for your reply.

Any other reply?
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Old Jul 10, 2006, 10:57 AM   #5
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I have a Sony W-1 which I believe is very very similar to the W-5, just an earlier version. I mostly use it to take pictures of the kids - mostly indoors - but I also use it to take pictures while on holiday of scenery, landscapes, buildings, etc.

I know speed is a factor when taking pics of small children. I am very very happy with the speed of the camera including start up, focus time, shot to shot time - even when using the flash. The major reason I got this camera 2 years ago was that it is a fast point and shoot - I believe it was the fastest at the time. The outdoor pictures are brilliant and I think they are better than my sister's Canon A95. I have dropped it before and it is still working. . . However, I find that I get a lot of blurry shots when the camera is on automatic setting indoors. I think the Sony program chooses a shutter speed that is too slow for my hands. So I have to put it on manual indoors and choose a shutter speed. Because I have no experience with doing these things, I don't find that I can get the camera to take its best shots. I like to use the auto setting, especially with the kids, and I don't like having to fiddle with manual settings to get good pictures. The blurry picture problem is fairly common - you can find this in old posts.

Also, not to bash this camera because I do really like it after I have figured out how to work it properly, but mine has developed dust in the sensor, which causes spots on the pictures. I recently posted about this on the Sony forum and found out that it is fairly common in the W-1 (not sure about the W-5) and that I will have to buy a new camera to fix it. Plus we took a holiday in Switzerland that won't be repeated soon and I have spots on all of the pictures.

I am fairly certain I am getting the IXUS 800 (Canon SD 700IS) because it has image stabilization. I have seen lots of good reviews on this camera and I am hopeful that it will take good pictures on auto. I think it costs about twice as much as the Sony. If I had lost this camera 6 months ago I would have replaced it with a W-5 or a W-7. Now, because of the dust problem, I will not even though it may be limited to the W-1. I know nothing about the IXUS 60 so I can't really comment compared to the Sony. Hope this helps.

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