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Hey.. Okay.. i'll try to make it short! Some months ago i bought a Canon A85 camera.

Yesterday i tried my music teachers new Minolta dimage z1 (i think). I fell in love! hehe... especially with the fast autofocus and the long zoom lens. I hate when one of my friends does something funny and i'll have to wait 2 seconds before i can take a picture, because my A85 is so !#ยค% slow... you know.. slow autofocus!

The other day i went to a cool concert and i was standing on the first row. The leadsinger saw me with the camera and made a funny face but before my s****y A85 focused he had already turned around and i got a nice picture of his back. not funny!!

Stay cool.. i'll get to the point!
I've been looking for some cameras.. Canon powershot S1 IS, Fujifilm FinePix S5100, Konica Minolta DiMAGE Z3, Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ15/FZ20.. Hmm! Because i already bought a canon camera i now have a adaptor, rechargeable AA batteries and a 256 mb CF card.. soo.. the prices are around 400 dollars! what would you recommend? please answer!

I'm 16 years old! just wanna take some pro looking pictures!hehe.. I might spelt something wrong, but thats because i'm from Denmark! Correct me if you will!

Malte (ps: cool site Steve)You can contact me on my email: [email protected] copy paste it. because you cant spel it right!

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I have LUMIX FZ10 and very happy with this camera - awesome optic with IS, excellent macro etc. But if you are looking for REALLY FAST AF and espessially in darker condition, I would not recomend it - sorry. I know, that you are quoted FZ15/FZ20, but do not believe that there is any reveletion here.
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morlte wrote:
I might spelt something wrong, but thats because i'm from Denmark! Correct me if you will!

That's OK morlte, lots of people spell incorrectly in this and other forums. It's one of the problems of using a keyboard & computer when none of us are typists. But it's also the beauty of using a keyboard & computer........we can correct ourselves before posting.Although English is not your first language you put a lot of us to shame. I can understand what you are saying and I'm pretty damn sure you wouldn't understand my Danish !!Try a spell check before you click send. Top right of screen.


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Hi Morlte,

I have the Kocera M410R 10x zoom it is very fast compared to other makes,

but I don't know how good in low light levels, probably on the same level as the others in this range.

The camera never seems to get mentioned anywhere but all us uses on the Kyocera post all find it an excellent camera to use for the price.

I had the canon A70, so I know how you feel with batteries and memory cards!!.

In the end I stayed with the AA batteries, If I do run out I can always nip to a shop and buy them not possible with the li-ion type.

I then bought the SD card as these are not too expensive.

I would say goto the Kyocera/Yashica listing and look at the PIC POST topic where there are lots of shots from this camera.


Cheers Ian

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