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dgija Mar 15, 2006 11:20 AM

Here is my situation: I had a Canon Powershot G-6 (which I loved) that I bought from Best Buy about a year ago. I had to send it to their tech department for a couple of different problems it was having and was just given the news that they can no longer order parts for the camera so I would have to switch it out for another camera at the store. Best Buy doesn't carry the G-6 anymore and I have no idea what the most comparable camera would be for an even exchange. Does anyone know what the G-6 was replaced with? Or is there a camera that is closely comparable with it? (Also, I just bought the Canon EX Speedliteflash in December - so I want a camera that has that capability). I need help!!!!

mtclimber Mar 15, 2006 3:23 PM

One possibility would be to buy a still in stock Canon G-6. Tri-State is the only retailer shown on as still having an inventory of the G-6 on hand and the price is $595. Canon G-6's, both new and used are selling for between $360 to $425 on E-Bay currently. Canon has not created a follow-on camera for the G-6 model. So it appears that the G series cameras are either at an end or nearly so.

If you really loved your G-6, IMHO, I would be looking for a replacement G-6 on the new or used market. I would do that because not many Canon non dSLR cameras have the Canon hot shoe on which to mount your newly acquired Canon External flash unit.


kassandro Mar 15, 2006 3:40 PM

Unfortunately Canon has discontinued all high level P&S cameras like the G series. The upcoming S3 IS seems to be the best value for such an exchange, but it is very different from the G6. The S80 may be another option. I would go for the S3. It is perhaps the most versatile P&S camera on the market.
The problem is of course the flash hot shoe. Neither the S3 nor the S80 has one.

dgija Mar 15, 2006 6:18 PM

Thank you! I am going to see how supportive Best Buy's customer service department is ... maybe they will let me return the flash all together since I have not had it long andgive memoney back (yeah right) or store credit for the difference b/tthe cost of my G-6 and a new camera. So, what is your suggestion for a simple point and shoot (I use it for my children, nothing fancy) with options like movie mode, remote control, at least 6-7 megapixels, decent zoom, and one that takes an SD card. How about the Canon A610? Or even another brand camera? Thanks so much for your advice!!!

mtclimber Mar 15, 2006 6:48 PM

Here is my opinion. And it is nothing more than that. If it is necessary to pick out a brand new camera, take a look at the following cameras:

Canon A-620

Casio Z-750

Casio Z-120

If you need more zoom: then consider:

Canon S-3

Canon S-2

Panasonic TZ-1


dgija Mar 16, 2006 7:53 AM

Thank you for your response. It is so frustrating trying to find a good camera when I dont know much about them! I will definatly look at those you suggested. Thanks again!!!

slipe Mar 16, 2006 10:42 AM

Do you use the manual exposure and focus modes on the G6 or tend to shoot in program mode?
Did you find the flip-out LCD handy or not use it much?
Did you buy the Speedlight to extend the flash range or to eliminate red-eye and get better photos with bounce, diffusers etc?
Would you prefer something smaller and more portable or was the size of the G6 OK?
Was the zoom range OK or did you feel a need for more zoom or wider angle capability?
When you say "simple point and shoot" do you mean a camera with only automatic modes?

Your G6 is a tough act to follow if you used most of the features. It is disappointing that Canon dropped the line and stopped making parts after such a short time. It is also disappointing that they aren't supporting it.

dgija Mar 16, 2006 11:19 AM

I never programmed anything - Ilet the cameraautomatically focus on every setting.

Used the flip-out LCD daily - especially when using the remote control (which is another feature I really enjoy).

Bought the speed light to help with Red-Eye - I take a lot of indoor pics and needed much more light than the G-6 offered.

The size of the G-6 didn't bother me. Smaller is fine too.

When I say "simple" I guess I mean something that takes really good pictures with not a lot of effort(I am not experienced enough to know how to manually set adjustments). I like to pick up the camera and take picture after picture after picture - the SLR is great, and I like it a lot, but I use the LCD screen to take pictures and I dont think theSLR (I tried the Nikon D-70) has movie mode, which I use daily as well. Is there an SLR with these features?

I am kind of surprised at Canon too. I see that some places still offer the G-6 ( I saw it at Staples) but Best Buy repair people said that they could not order the parts for it anymore ... leads me to believe Canon is dropping it altogether?!?!? I have asked several employees at Best Buy what the comparable camera is to this one, now that I must replace it, and they haven't even heard of the G-6. They aren't much help. I paid around $600 for this camera and they are leading me in the direction of cameras that are $300-$350. Yeah right!!!

mtclimber Mar 16, 2006 12:05 PM


Yes, I too have confirmed that the G-6 has been discontinued and that there will be no replacement in the future. Unless you can get Best Buy to take back the EX-580 flash, your options for finding another camera with a canon hot shoe are very limited indeed.


slipe Mar 16, 2006 1:23 PM

From what you have said I would have them pre-order a Canon S3 IS for you. If they aren't taking pre-orders it won't be long before it is available for regular order. List price is $500, so they shouldn't have problems with the price. It has a great movie mode with wind buffered stereo mics and you can use the zoom while filming. Movies are also optically stabilized and it has a dedicated movie button so you can get a movie quickly. It has a flip-out LCD the same size as your G6.

The flash is honestly rated at ISO 100 and just a tad stronger than your G6. The only downside from your requirements is that it does get some red-eye. It isn't nearly as bad as some of the smaller cameras, but it is there. Unfortunately it doesn't have a hot shoe for your Speedlight. Canon seems to have dropped them from everything but DSLRs. And I don't think it has remote capability. It has remote capture hooked to the computer through the software but that isn't what you are looking for.

The Sony H1 doesn't have red-eye but it also doesn't have a flip-out LCD, remote or hot shoe. The Panasonic FZ30 has no red-eye and a hot shoe, but it is an enormous camera and your Speedlight would be wasted on it as you can't use the dedicated features.

Another camera you might consider is the Fuji S9000. It has a good zoom range including wide angle. It has no red-eye and a limited flip-out LCD. It is pretty good at high ISO and has a hot shoe, although you would want to trade in the Speedlight since the dedicated functions wouldn't work on the Fuji.

Unfortunately Olympus seems to have discontinued the C-8080, so they probably couldn't order that either. It has an articulated LCD, hot shoe and comes with a remote.

If your flash wasn't strong enough on your G6 I doubt you would be happy with a small camera. And most of them give terrible red-eye.

Most Olympus and Panasonic digital cameras come with a remote sensor. If the camera doesn't come with the remote they are available for about $20. You might look through their lines to see if there isn't something that might be appealing. Probably the best way to peruse a brand is to go to "Cameras" (3d item down on the upper left) at dpreview. This is Pentax: and Olympus: They probably don't all have remote sensors but you can check the manufacturer's web site to make sure the remote is listed as an option. There isn't a camera from either that appeals to me a lot though. You want stabilization with a new camera, especially one with a good zoom. That or good high ISO capability.

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