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melmcc Jul 27, 2011 6:51 PM

Need help choosing camera
I am looking for a decent budget(under $300, preferably closer to $200) camera that can also take HD videos. This would be used for:

Videos of children and family

What I am looking for:
1.Good video and photo quality is the most important thing. I know at this price point it not going to be spectacular but I would like something that we can play back on our high def TV and be viewable.

2.Decent in low light conditions-again, i know it will be sub-par to more expensive models but at this price point something relatively decent(comparatively to competition in this price range). This would be mostly used for outdoor travel shots(Seine River night cruise, sightseeing at dark,etc)

3. Relatively portable(could be carried around in a tote bag, if not in large pockets).

4. Decent battery life would be nice but if all other things are good, i could just buy several backup batteries.

Some models I am considering(though I would love additional suggestions):
Nikon Coolpix 8100 or 9100
Canon SD4500
Sony Cyber shot DSC-TX7 or DSC-WX9 or DSC-HX5v

Also, as a nitpicky thing, I would prefer a camera that uses batteries that can be charged in a charger outside of the camera and does not have to be in the camera to be charged.

Thanks for any help or advice.

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