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oj467 Jun 23, 2008 3:54 PM

I currently own a Nikon D50 dslr with 18-200vr lens and a SB-800 speedlight.

My wife and I purchased a Fuji F40fd p & s to carry around when the dslr is just too big and bulky.

We mainly want something for taking shots of our two boys - age 3 and 1.

The Fuji is just frustrating as heck with its shutter lag - so I went out and purchased a Canon SD870 IS after reading several reviews (here, Dpreview and others). My wife is not impressed with it. The size etc are fine but she says it's not really much better than our Fuji. She still thinks it takes too long to take a picture and frequently misses shots of our boys as a result.

So I went out and bought a Canon SX100 IS to try - thinking that it would be more responsive than the 870. It's "ok" but again - it's not trilling either of us. We both realize that a non-dslr is not going to compare to the D50 - but we'd still like something small and compact for her to toss in the diaper bag and always have along so we don't miss any shots.

I'm now considering a Canon G9, Canon S5 or a Panasonic TZ5. I'm still within my 14 day return on both the 870 and SX100 - but time is running out.

I tried to convince her a D40 would work - but it's still just too much bulk for her and like she said "if it's not convenient - it's not going to get used" - so I do see her point. She was ok with the size/form factor of the SX100 - just not thrilled with the shutter lag (and the flash kind of stunk too).

Help please?


AndyfromVA Jun 23, 2008 5:37 PM

The Sony H10 is a very quick and responsive camera.

oj467 Jun 25, 2008 11:44 AM

Andy - thanks so much for the suggestion.

I had "written off" the H10 based on the ho-hum reviews I've read online - but gave it a try at our local Best Buy.

I decided to buy it and try it out and we're both very happy with how snappy it is and the size is manageable for my wife.

Thank you again for your input!

I think Steve's needs to do a formal review of it - it's a great alternative to a tiny P & S that's very responsive.


Indiana12 Jun 25, 2008 12:36 PM

If I were you I would try to get my hands on the Casio EX-F1. You can take pictures of ANYTHING with great quality. Check out this cool youtube,

Very Cool.

Let me know how it works out.

AndyfromVA Jun 25, 2008 2:45 PM

You're welcome. The H10 and its predecessor, the H3, seem like pretty nice cameras that don't get the attention they deserve.

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