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ScubaDachshund Mar 20, 2006 1:13 PM

My Olympus C5050 died a few months back. It would cost $200 (plus shipping and sales tax) to have it fixed. Turn around would be 3 - 4 weeks. I found that I could buy a Canon PowerShot A620 for about $300 and get it in less time. So while I'm out looking at the A620 I happen to pick up a Canon EOS 20D. I like! Unfortuanetly...out of my price range at this point.

My wife comes walking up and sees me drooling over the 20D and says..."Why don't you get it?" (Gawd I love that gal! :-)) I tell her because it costs almost as much as our house payment. She sees the digital Rebel XLT on the shelf and says..."Well that one's almost half the price...get that. You've been wanting one for a long time." (Did I tell you I love this gal?)

Well, she's talked me into it. Just trying to figure out what lens to get. The one that they normally bundle with it is a 18-55 which doesn't seem like something I would have much use for. I mainly do nature photography and even with landscapes I normally use a telephoto. And normally I wishing I had a more magnification than wishing for a wider view. I was looking at getting just the XLT body and a Sigma 28-300 lens. It's a film lens so I think it would actually come out to a 44 - 480 approximatly since there would be a magnificaton of 1.6 when using it with a digital camera.

Looking for feed back on this choice. I know it won't be my only lens...but I probably wouldn't be getting another one for 6 months or more so it has to do handle most of the situations I normally shoot fairly well. Basically what I'm saying is it has to be a jack-of-all-trades for a while.

Thanks for your help.


mtclimber Mar 20, 2006 5:21 PM


That lens and body combo is very workable, providing that you can do without the wide angle capability, and you understand that the Sigma 28-300 is not the bright lens available.


Bayside3 Mar 20, 2006 7:18 PM

Check out for a very detailed review on Canon EOS lenses. He has some good recommendations for lenses relative to varied budgets.

Spent the last few weeks deciding on a DSLR and came down to the Canon 20D/30D and the Olympus E-500. Went with the E-500 after taking a series of shots with theE-500 and the Canon 20D. Also liked a price after rebate of under $700 for the body and the 14-45mm and 40-150mm lens. With the four third system that gives me a range of from 28-300 mm.

The one fact that kept coming out in the different forum discussions was to buy the Canon body only. The kit lens is not up to par with their other lenses. You may also want to reconsider trying to get too much of a range with one lens.

aletog Mar 23, 2006 7:26 AM

What about sigma 18-125 or 18-200 for digital? I'm using the first one, it's a general purpose lens with good value/money ratio. Here are the links:;navigator=6;navigator=6

mtclimber Mar 23, 2006 7:13 PM


Yes, the 18-200mm is a good walk around lens. However, the OP was looking for more zoom capability than that, as in 300mm.


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