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brandallee3 Dec 27, 2006 8:22 PM

Hello! I am sure that this has been asked and answered a thousand times on here but I am not seeing exactly what I need or at least expalined for me to understand. Ok I am an amatuer "softball, dance, soccer" mom. I have a Panasonic Lumix DMC-LZ2 that is ok for outside. It isa disaster getting indoor shots from my daughter's dance and gym classes. I need a fairly simple camera for taking high end mom quality shots-not for enlarging-not for an award just for my own keepsakes. But I do want them clear and bright~currently I am getting lots of blur indoors and even some outside. I would like a optical zoom higher than I have ( 6X). My budget is under or around 500~I need money left for a new camcorder, too....I have looked at DSLR but how quick can I learn to operate one of these? I know nothing about them.....:?

JohnG Dec 27, 2006 8:53 PM

Sounds like the best option for you is the Fuji s6000. The focal length is a little too short for soccer (although longer than what you currently have) and it has very good high ISO performance for a non DSLR camera. The only other digicam on the market with better high ISO performance is the Fuji F30 - but it only has a 3x or 4x zoom - way too short for the outdoor sports photos. So, short of going to a DSLR setup which will cost more than your budget, I think the s6000 might be the right choice.

brandallee3 Dec 27, 2006 9:02 PM

Thanks!!! This does look to be what I need and I think that zoom would be fine~I am generally close to the action especially at soccer since you can sit right on the sidelines the same with dance and gym. How is it for really low light like at a dance recital? Is there somewhere that I could find samples of pics taken with this camera.

JohnG Dec 28, 2006 6:52 AM

I would look in the Fuji section here. Also look at and do a search by camera model. The camera isn't perfect by any means - depending on the lighting in the auditorium or gym, it still may not produce great results. But, to get the great results you would need a DSLR and the right lens.

So, by all means, I encourage you to seek out sample photos OF SIMILAR SITUATIONS - believe me, not all high ISO pictures are the same - taking a close-up picture of someone 5 feet away is completely different than taking a photo of someone on a dark stage 40 feet away - the loss of image detail has a greater affect in the latter case because you don't have the subject filling your frame. And I say this with relevant background - as a sports shooter, I shoot 100s of shots a week in low light indoor conditions every week through the fall and winter.

So look in the forum and search pbase for samples - preferably whole galleries - after all, you don't want to base your decision on unrelated photo examples or on a single shot. The camera is relatively new though, so it may take some digging on your part - or some patience before a good body of work exists out there.

O.S. Dec 28, 2006 8:26 AM

DSLRs are easier to operate then a point and shoot cameras with MUCH MUCH MUCH better images coming out of them

look at Nikon d40, Canon XT, Canon XTi or even a used Canon 300d or Canon XT

they one or two hundred bucks you spent more will make your pictures better tenfold.
there is NO non DSLR camera out there that can come even close to good quality at indoor sports. you can get a used Canon 300d for $300 bux (body only no lens) it is very easy to use and will give you MUCH better results then ANY of the non DSLR cameras even the most expensive ones.
What DSLR have that P&S cameras don't -
1. low noise at high ISO (means you can shoot in lower light with decent emage quality)
2. FAST focus (means you can focus on a moving subject) P&S take forewer to focus compared to DSLRs
3. Fast shutter release (means you can focus and take picture instantly) all P&S cameras have a delay after you press the shutter release and the moment the picture is taken. which means with P&S most of the sports shots will be out of focus and taken not at the moment you ant them.
4. Easy to use as all the entry level DSLRs have picture styles etc built in for you to use. You do not have to attend photography classes to be able to use a DSLR, they produce good pictures out of the box.

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