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sahilkal Nov 25, 2006 10:24 PM

I am planning to buy a compact/ultra compact digital camera with following features:
1.Good low light picture taking ability.(like Fuji F30)
2.Manual control of Shutter/Aperture
3.Wide angle zoom (like Panasonic Lumix LX-2): Preferably starting at 28mm. (Not Ricoh GR D ,which has fixed lens).
4.Really pocketable (preferably thinner than 30 mm)
Currently I own Canon powershot G1 which is now both old and bulky. I require something which easily gets into a pants'/shirt pocket.

Nov 25, 2006 11:19 PM

You might have to wait another year or so. The Fuji's lead the pack in small digicams with good low light (high ISO) performance. I don't know of anything that currantly meet all your spec's right now....try picking the main 2 requirements & looking for models that fill that bill.

mtclimber Nov 27, 2006 4:34 PM

I am not really sure that you could call the Fuji S-6000fd a compact camera, but it does meet all of your requirements, if you had a big pocket to carry it in.

Other than the Fuji S-6000fd, there is no other camera that meets all those requirements.


sahilkal Nov 28, 2006 6:42 AM

Thanks MT. ThoughF6000 meets most of my requirements, but I guess F6000 is too big . I need a pocketable camera. It seems that there is no choice other than Fuji F30/F31

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