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denisewallace Feb 21, 2006 2:29 PM

Hi... we are going to be in China for 2 weeks adopting a baby.... we need a good digital camera to take with us... not too big... not too small... just right... like Goldilocks, I guess! haha!

We have a digital rebel... love it... but am not taking it to China... our video camera was stolen last trip to China, so I am taking no chances with my baby rebel !!!

We have a Sony DSC-707 ... it misses too many pictures with the lag time... other than that camera too ! But I will need a quicker one!

We have a Casio Exilim S500... currently back at Casio for repair (it started overexposing pics... so after many attempts to correct it ourselves, we gave up and sent it back since it is under warranty)... but that camera is a little small for my taste... I am still playing with the camera (at least I will when I get it back!) ... but have not liked many of the pics yet... but am reserving judgement until I can experiment with it more...

So, anyway! We would like a camera that can record a decent time of video as well... and it should work pretty well in low light... We are currently investigating the Canon A610 ... and the Fuji 550....

Any recommendations for this family who is collecting lots of digital cameras (and having fun doing it unfortunately!!) ???



vwmom Feb 21, 2006 4:34 PM

I would HIGHLY recommend the 610. EXCELLENT allround camera in its category. The S2 is also nice and takes stereo video, but not as compact as the 610... and in the US not as cheap I believe.

The video on the 610 is definatly worth using.. I've transferred fotage from my S2 and my previous 610 to dvd.. It's a wonderful compliment to slideshowing photos.

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