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Default Need a New Camera ASAP my Sony H20 just blew up, low on time and money .. any help?

Back in 2009 I posted a thread to help me get my first digital camera.

I have to say I have been very happy with it and have used it until a few weeks ago when it made a large popping sound....that was it... won't come on

so I'm back for some help and I was able to find my original post from 2009! to help me get started.

I don't have the option to buy something, then not like it and get something else like I have read many people do. What I buy I will have to like for a very very long long time.

I was using a Sony H20 until it literally blew up a few weeks ago.

My 3 biggest complaints from any digital camera, are dark or poor indoor pictures, blurry pictures and battery life.

One thing I did NOT like about my currant camera is it uses a ProDuo memory stick, which are becoming harder to find and more expensive, so I'd like to avoid that in a new camera.

Another thing I didn't like, was it had a lag time after pushing the shutter button, so I did miss some quick shots due to this.

I have about $250 to $300 I could spend, I could spend a little more if I thought it was worth it.

Some of what I am looking for in a camera:

I am concerned about picture quality in a digital camera. I some times enlarge candid shots, so need to have good quality.

I take pictures of my kids and other people, many times inside.

I do take pictures outside as well, and some of them action shots of kids moving, but also nature pictures of things close up but also scenery.

I also like to take pictures of foods and cakes I prepare, so I did like the "food mode" my currant camera had as well as some of the other specialty modes like "fireworks" etc.

I liked the option to do manual settings although I found I used the automatic setting the most.

A rechargeable battery was ok, but I have to be able to purchase a back up one to have on hand when the other runs out.

I like a more compact size although am willing to go a bit larger for good picture quality. The Sony had a larger lens and wasn't sized really thin, but that is ok with me.

A nice zoom would be great, and I have come to love my 10x optical zoom

Pixals on my old camera were only 10, so I'm guessing by now I could do better for the money.

I looked at Steve's "Top Picks" and would have just gone with one of those, but they are a bit over priced for me right now.

Any suggestions would be most appreciated!
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Why insist on Sony,there are plenty of options but for kind of images you hope to take would require a camera with a larger sensor and a fast lens.Your other option is always use flash indoors,it better be powerful one.
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