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Hi,I own Nikon D50 and just need a small pocket camera for every day use.

I prefer to have great outside pictures.I know I cant have best in low light and best in outdoor in one camera,but outside pictures must be good and at least average indoor pictures.

I was thinking between Panasonic FX07,FX50,Canon SD700 (800) IS or Fuji F30.

I like the design of all of them except of F30,but that camera I heard is great indoor but have some "purple effect??" on pictures taken outside.

Which one you would buy
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Hi Ribac,

Just thought I'd give my two cents:
From the list you gave, I'd have to narrow down the choices to the Panasonic FX50 and the Canon SD800.

Pana FX50 advantages:
1) solid-build quality
2) door covering AV and 'power-in' port is sturdy (to me)
3) simple user-interface
4) has that 'high-angle' screen mode when you want to
shoot over crowds.. it really does work!
5) Image stabilization
6) wide-angle lens

1) No optical viewfinder!
This is the only real disadvantage I can think of..

Canon SD800 advantages:
1) wide-angle lens
2) various colour modes for pics
3) face detection built-in so that your subjects' faces
are exposed nicely
4) image stabilizer
5) optical viewfinder! But no diopter adjustment

1) the door covering the AV and 'power-in' ports is, in
my opinion, a bit flimsy.. I'm sure with careful
handling, it'll last very long and won't give any
problems.. but personally, it doesn't really inspire
confidence in me.

Please have a look yourself, though. We had another member who wanted to buy the same thing, and the door/flap thingy didn't really bother her much. She's happy with her camera! These two cameras are, to me, the best all-rounders from the list you gave.

The Panasonic would be my choice.. with reservation. If it had an optical viewfinder, that would seal the deal 100% for me, no second thoughts. It's up to you if the lack of an optical viewfinder is a very minor inconvenience. Having one would eat up less battery power, and if it gets too bright, you can still look at your subject through it. I don't really need the Canon's fancy colour modes, and I've lived without face-detection technology so I think I'll survive!

Photo quality for both is generally good, do loook at sample pics from review sites. Hope this helps!
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Personally, I would go with the Canon SD-700.

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Old Nov 25, 2006, 10:29 AM   #4
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Thank you for help.

So far I like SD700 which has only difference in MP 6vs. 7.on SD800

On another forum everyone was so fanatic about a F30,I know that it can be good in low light,but what I heard on outdoor pictures it's no so good.I prefer to have a realnice outdoor pictures than indoor.And also I dont like a design of that camera.

SD800 IS I think is kind of expensive for P&S,so I think SD700 would be really enough for me.And a lot of people even talked about SD700 having slightly better picture than SD800.

I dont know about a Panasonic,I'd probably go with FX07 instead of FX50 where only difference is LCD size.

I like design of both SD700 and FX07 very much.And maybe I'm glad that you dont recomend me F30.

As you said lack of viewfinder on Panasonic,I think thatI will use it ,maybe in low light??I dont know

So SD700 or FX 07..or maybe I forgot about some other good camera in this range??

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People are fanatic about the F30 for a reason. It's low light capabilities are unmatched in P&S cameras, but your right, there are others that I would choose in normal to bright light.
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