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I take pictures of the crowd for a night club's website and of thebands on stage. I have a Canon 20D. I have decided to use the 20D only for my serious band photos and for my photography hobby. The 20D just takes too much post processing and would get too much wear and tear forevery night use.

I had a Nikon Coolpix 950, that I added an external flash to. It took excellent pictures with the external speedflash that I added since the internal flash was weak and then quit working altogether. I had to replace the Nikon Coolpix 950after the tripod mount stripped outand I could no longer attach my external flash to the frame. The Nikon was doing a good job otherwise, but I thought I would upgrade to a Digital SLR. I let other people use my Nikon about half the time and it worked out great.

I need to find a backup camera that I can use for the crowd pictures and some of the bands and that I can let others use as well. I would get a used or refurbed 950, but I had a few mechanical problems with it and would rather get something updated.

Criteria for new camera. In order of importance.

Easy/quik photos with little post processing. I don't mind doing a little bit of sharpening once in a while, and resizing, but I want good exposure and colors.

Good flash, that adjusts automatic. I doubt any internal flashes will work good enough.Thenight cluballows flash photos. (I will use my 20D for my professional/no flash photographs) My Coolpix 950 external flash worked pretty good, but didn't seem to shut down enough for closeups. I already have a NikonSpeedlight SB-50DX and I will be buying a Canon Canon 580EX Speedlite E-TTL II Shoe Mount Flash. So cameras that can take advantage of one of these flashes will be most viable.

Probably 5 megapixels, but3 minimum.

Video - If the camera had good video capabilities it would make it more valuable to me. I am not interested in crappy video at all.

Price: If the camera is just for photographs, I would like to keep it below $250 or $300. If it had good enough video that I could record a bands full song and it look good on my website , I would go about $450.

Ease of use. This is not that important, since I will set the camera up for whoever I let use it for me.


I am looking at the Canon S2 IS it appears to have everything I need, but it won't use my flash, it requires Canon slave flash for another $100 plus the camera puts it to $550 total. Does anyone know how good the flash is?

Does anyoneelse still makes a point and shoot type with external flash capabilities. I may need to find an older model Nikon or Canon used or refurbished.

Any help isgreatly appreciated.

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Sorry, I'm kinda new to these forums... What's "bump"?

In any case... Many digital cameras have a hot shoe for a flash. Some of them aren't even that big, like the Sony V1 for example. The Canon A510 and A520 have this accessory flash thing you can buy for them, probably not the kind of thing you're looking for. All of them can record VGA-quality video.

Most larger digital cameras have a flash shoe, like the Panasonic FZ10, FZ20 and FZ30, the Fuji S7000 and S9000, etc. The older Panasonics (before the FZ30) don't really record very good video, though, but their f2.8 big-zoom image-stabilized lenses make them pretty good cameras for concerts.

Have you considered just buying a digital camera that has a fast lens and/or good high-ISO performance? That way, you won't need a huge flash. The Canon G6, Olympus C5050, and Sony F717, for example, are three that come to mind that have pretty fast lenses, but they're kinda pricey. The new Fujis do very well at high ISOs, AND can record high-quality video, AND can probably be found for around the budget you mentioned. By those, I mean the Fuji S5200, F10, and Z1. The F10 and Z1 are point-and-shoots, though, which might turn off a 20D user. (I'm a 10D user myself and I always feel uncomfortable using a camera that does not have manual exposure controls... Like I have to trust this tiny little thing to figure out my exposure for me...)

I hope that helps.
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Bump just moves the post back towards the top. People use it when a post goes a while and rolls back to where it is not likely to be seen.

It worked for me, since you answered it.

Thanks, I am reviewing your recommendation. I am studying the review of the Fuji Z1. and I also found a heck of a deal on the Nikon Coolpix 8400 at Ritz for $399. It is a little more, but it is a lot more camera. According to Ritz, it is to be discontinued and they bought the entire supply. The only thing is, it limits video to one minute, so I cant get a whole song.
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