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I need a camera that I can pull out to take quick pictures of me and my friends, or other cool things that I may see (a pretty sunset or scenery / building - whatever) and have on me all the time.

My parents have the S500 and it takes nice photos but I'm not very impressed by the DIGIC's shutter delay nor it's reviewing speed. However, I could deal with this camera as a last resort if I can't find something else that really suits me.

I have looked at the A95 and Fuji E550, but since I may be inside a lot, not necessarily in low light, I have sort of ruled out the E550 because of it's lack of an AF lamp and its long flash recharge time. I like the idea of AA batteries in the A95, as well as the many manual controls, but how often should I expect to need manual controls for the kinds of pics I'm taking? The only reason I could see would be to take a pic without flash (using a faster shutter to reduce hand shake). Should I even worry about these manual options for my kind of pictures? (I have looked at the A5xx and would probably get one but their flash recharge takes too long for my liking).

I'm looking into the SDxxx series, but their price and the many reports of broken LCDs are deterring me. I believe teh SD's have unlimited movie time, and this is a big plus. If I got an SDxxx I would buy a 'da Products (www.daproducts.com) LCD protector to hopefully protect the LCD liquid from cracking (underneath the glass layer).

To put it simply, my dilemma is this: is the A95 too big to carry comfortably all the time, and would I really use the manual features much? (I know how to use them on a novice level, but I feel sort of stupid for getting a cam without them because I may one day need them - opinions?) I'm a big guy (6'3" 220lbs) so I have big hands and such, and the size is the only thing keeping me from the A95.

I am looking at the SDxxx or S500 because they're nice and small and good for my needs, but I don't want to get something so small if the A95 wouldn't be so much of a hassle. I have gone to Target and WalMart to try each of these and I still can't come to a decision.

Is the A95 too big for every day use? If not I'll get it. If so, I'll decide on an S500 or maybe an SD400 (because of the faster DIGIC II). If only the Fuji had faster flash recharge times and an AF lamp, I'd probably buy it since it's lighter than the A95 and probably would be fine in my pocket.

Any input would be greatly appreciated. This stuff is seriously driving me nuts. I have an AP test and I feel that this decision is overwhelming me so much that I won't even be able to concentrate on it (I know - I have issues).

PS- I currently have a Nikon Coolpix 5200 and I love its size but the triple flash on the redeye reduction and its soft images aggravate me too much, so I'm sending it back to newegg on monday. Also, I graduate on the 15th and would like to have my camera by then, so I'm kind of trying to hurry. An option I have is to buy online from walmart.com to try out a camera, since I basically have 30 days to return it for a full refund (note: they do not take returns on opened memory).

Sorry for the long post.
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Oh, if anyone here who carries an A95 around in your pants pocket just about every day, could you please post? As of now I am assuming the A95 is a bit too big for this, and that really disappoints me.
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Hi: Look at the Olympus D-595. About 5 oz; uses 2 AA batteries, good lens, good macro, 5MP, good price, excellent photos,and you can carry it in your coat pocket.


and, it's only $198 at Beach Camera. It's hard to beat for the money.


Good luck in your hunt
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...just a thought...


the Hun
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