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wisconsingal Dec 15, 2008 11:37 AM

I am on the lookout for a reasonable priced Canon, as this was thought to be the best purchase for me. I am wondering, someone suggested the Canon point and shoot A550 as the way to go.

I am a senior, don't figure to do a lot of pictures, only have 1 teen grand, but love to exchange gardening pics with my lady friends. I am not a great photographer, but I can work at that.

Could someone share some insight as to which Canon would be the best as recommended by being simple for me to use, and price ranges.Not priced over 200.00 please?

Appreciate your input so much.


AndyfromVA Dec 15, 2008 11:50 AM

The Canon A550 is not being produced any more. Also, it runs on AA batteries, which have a short life (unless you purchase rechargeable AA's and a charger).

I recommend the Canon SD770is, which is smaller than the A550, requires two hands to use, has a viewfinder, and runs on a rechargable lithium/ion battery, like a cellphone. It takes very good pictures.

mtclimber Dec 15, 2008 12:05 PM

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The Canon A-590 IS camera iscurrently selling for between $(US) 120 and 140.00. It does have an optical viewfinder, a built-in flash, image stabilization, 8 mp, and 4X optical zoom. It is a highly regarded camera that has received excellent reviews. I have attached a photo taken with the Canon A-590 camera.

Sarah Joyce

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