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Ive been into photography for a little bit now and im now getting ready to buy my first camera to really get into it. next year im takeing classes to get an idea before college and then i will be studying photography. Right now, honestly, i know close to nothing about all of it. But everyone starts here and moves up. Im looking to spend around 600 for all of it. if i could id like to get a used in nice condition camera with a few lens's or so. But right now id really like a good idea to get me started, 600 may sound to much to get started but im gonna need for classes so i want something i can outstanding pictures with. The types of pictures are basiclly going to be everything, outdoors, long distance shots, close up, lots of detail, im really looking for something i can take all those kinds of pictures with. also any info on how to get started, what all i need, classes to take etc. i know alot of people probablly wished they couldve started at a younger age and gone to college for it, i was just wondering what you wish you wouldve done to kind of help me go in the right steps to make this a career.

THanks Alot for ANY help!

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Hi Dave,

Welcome to the forum.

I hope they'll have English classes there too. :-) Just kidding!

You might want to find out what type of camera will be allowed for the class(es). Most don't use digitals. They teach the basics on film cameras. Things may have changed recently so I'd look into it before sinking "600" in anything.
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I concur with Ken. A formal course in photography will have requirements as to equipment. The first thing you need to do is to find these out. If you are undecided as to which class to take, check on them all. The needs will likely be similar. They may even have arrrangements with a camera shop to get student discounts.

My opinion, and, I would wager, that of most instructors, is to start with something fully manual. This will force you to learn how to determine exposure, and whether to give priority to fast shutter speed to minimize blur, or small aperture to maximize depth of field, or some other consideration.

Good luck with the photography. It can be a very rewarding hobby, even if it doesn't turn into a profession.

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if your able to get a digital camera, i recommend the Canon 300d/Rebel, you will find it for about $600 if you look hard. It comes with a FANTASTIC 18-55mm lens which does a great job for walkaround photography. I have a Sandisk UltraII 512 card in it and it also does a great job. If you are interested in this camera, email me and ill send you some sample photos.

Good luck with College!
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