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Default Need some suggestion

Ok. This has been going in my thoughts for a while (atleast 2 months)..
I have budget of around 1K and would like to decide which one should be best to buy..

1. D5000 with 18-105mm(VR) - I can get the refurb for 800$
2. Panasonic GH1K with 14-140mm for 1200$
3. Oly EPL1 with Kit + additional lens later.
4. or wait for Panny G10 or G2 when available

- what the big buying factor between a M4/3 and Nikon DX ? is it IMQ or the aspect ratio and compactness?
- Typically I am a indoor but I also like some nature photography..

I own a FZ35 now

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I've moved this to the what camera should I buy section. We don't allow buying and selling so have taken out any mention of that.


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Thanks for your post.

There are at least two directions that your musings can take you.

(1) The Traditional DSLR Mode: the Nikon D-5000 is a very good camera. However, it is indeed somewhat limited in its lens choices due the fact that it can only use the Nikon AF-S lenses and a few AF-I lenses. The Nikon D-90 would afford you access to the entire Nikon lens range. However, you must consider that you will also need a good external flash which would add to the initial investment at some point in time. The Nikon 18-105mm lens is a nice lens although it does show some distortion at the wide angle are of the lens.

The Micro Four Thirds Mode: although the MFT component of the camera market got off to a slow beginning, it now has secure under pinnings and has begun to expand with the introduction of various new models. The new models are likewise better in their capabilities as well. My original Panasonic G-1 topped out on image quality at ISO 800. Today, my new Olympus EPL1 can go to ISO 2000 and to ISO 3200 in a pinch. That is a substantial improvement.

The appeal of MFT is in a small, but much more capable camera that allows you to reduce the size of your overall kit in terms of weight and bulk. With the Olympus EPL1 I am able to use my Olympus FL-36 external flash and my Olympus and third part 4/3 based lenses by using a lens adapter that allows for auto focus and auto exposure.

Therefore in my personal view the first decision to be made is to stay with the traditional DSLR mode or to head for the MFT mode.

Sarah Joyce
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