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I need to buy a camera fast and I will use it to video tape my baby who is due in a couple weeks.

I will mainly use it for video and I would like the camera small enough to fit in jean pockets. I've alreay had a nice camera for taking pictures and a nice video recorder; however, I find it much easier with a little camera in my pocket and ready to take out and take videos when/wherever i wish.

I dont mind a camera that hold only 10 minutes in a 1 gig memory card just as long as it will accept a 4gig SD cards. I think taking 40 minutes of video is plentiful and I can always buy another 4 gig spare memory card.

Right now I am thinking about the Sanyo C6 as it has MP4 video capabilities but am not sure if there is anything outhere that can take better video.

Thank you much for any suggestion.

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Congratulations ...

I don't know much about "hybrid" cameras such as the Sanyo C6, but I was researching "digital cameras that also take videos" 2 months ago with a heavy emphasis on video mode. Some information that may help you narrow down your choices:

- many new models can take 640x480 30fps video clips with good quality
- the majority uses MJPEG; some (e.g. Kodak, some Casios) use MPEG4. MJPEG uses up a lot more space than MPEG4. But I personally think the good MJPEG videos look a bit better than the good MPEG4 videos (especially when you freeze the video).
- many/most of them only do mono sound at low bit rate (there are a few that record stereo sound)
- only some models can do optical zoom while taking a video
- image stablization can help minimize jerkiness of video due to unsteady hand: some model doesn't have any; some models have electronic image stabilization (or "anti-shake"); some models have optical image stabilization. Optical is generally best.
- some Panasonic models can take 848x480 30fps wide screen video (FX01, LX1, TZ1). A new model LX2 can also take 1280x720 video but only at 15fps, but it's not out until September at the earliest, so you can't wait for that.
- the Canon S80 can take 1024x768 video but only at 15fps. (I find 15fps too choppy, but since babies don't move very fast, it may be usable to you.) But some people reported that the S80's 640x480 videos are not that good.
- low light situation: some Casio models have a built-in "video light", i.e. the flash can be constantly on (at less intensity I presume) when taking video clip in low light situation
- some Casio MPEG4 models can take videos starting from 5 seconds *before* you press the shutter (i.e. while on standby it is constantly recording video into its internal memory buffer, just waiting for you to press the button), which may help you capture those easy-to-miss baby moments
- you won't find a perfect model with everything you want, so you'll have to prioritize and compromise

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Thank you SSIU for taking the time explain this to me. Currently I am leaning toward the Panasonic TZ1 as I can zoom while video (also has 10x optical)and the video sample that I saw at DC Resoure is quite nice:


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Go to dcresource.com and look at the video sample fromt he s3is. It has the best vidoe on the market in cameras, and yes you can use the 12x zoom.
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