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Default New beginner advice...

Hi everyone,

I have recently made the choice to get serious about my photography and pursue as a career. I have an intense passion for photography however have lack of knowledge with cameras. I am firstly looking to upgrade my camera by the new year and need some advice on which cameras I should start testing out. I prefer a smaller bodied camera over the large bulkier versions however do want options to change lenses. I am also looking for a camera that has many tools however is not confusing at the same time and I would prefer to stay at a cost value of $1,300 and below. Does anyone have advice on which cameras to check out that would give me great images both on web and larger printed copies?

Also, a quick question, is it common for photographers to edit their photos? By edit I mean in terms of adjusting saturation, contrast, highlights, shadows, etc? Thanks in advance.

I hope I can get some advice here. Cause on dpreview I got no right answer they all talked out of subject.

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What do you want to shoot?
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Hi and welcome to try and answer your questions you say you want it as a career so I would start by taking some courses in the basics of photography and photo editing then looking at what you want to take shoots of as this will be a big factor in what type of camera to get.
Then its time to get a shortlist and go try them remember with a DSLR you are buying into a system so make sure that system meets your requirements. Do not say I will get used it you are going to spend a lot of money so it has to right. Good Luck
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You are going to need some basic editing software. Adobe Lightroom is a very good place to start. If you are a Mac user Apple Aperture is a great program when bought from the online store. (I slightly prefer Lightroom, but it's about 4x the price.)

These programs are great for both editing AND organising your pictures; if you are going to be a professional you will need a program like this.

Yes, practically every serious digital photographer adjusts their images after shooting. LR/Aperture/etc all allow you to do batch adjustments to lots of images at once.

Consider shooting in RAW mode right from the start with LR/Aperture.

To learn photography and take your first 10,000 learning images you will probably want a decent camera and 3 lenses: a standard zoom, a telephoto zoom, and a fast standard prime lens.

For example you could get a Nikon D5100, 18-55mm VR kit lens, 55-200 VR, 35mm f1.8 DX, for around $1,100. Leaving some extra for CF cards, software and spare battery.

Buy "Understanding Exposure" by Brian Patterson.

Then spend 3-6 months taking LOTS of photographs learning about exposure and cameras and experimenting and learning. Take pictures of everything and anything. Post your pictures on critique forums. Go to exhibitions and galleries and spend time in the library and online studying the great photographers.

After 6 months start thinking about what interests you the most and where you go from there.
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