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Thank you for your help - sorry for posting this kind of question.

Could really use some help though. My wife loves to take pictures of our daughter (she's only two and we have over five thousand photos!). So far she has been getting by with a Canon S330 (I know it's old). The photos are really good. She was an art major in college and has some experience with professional cameras, but it has been a while. She's not that tech savy...

She has been hinting fora new camera. We really like the Canon. Our major complaints are that it takes a long time for the flash to charge - which means we often miss the picture we want. Also,she wants to be able make larger size prints (10x12 or even larger). She also wants a zoom lense.

She always points out the Digital Rebel, which I guess is one way to go.

What would you suggest? I would like to stay under $600, but it's only money. If I can get a great camera for less that would be nice. If I need to spend more, that'sOK- it's for my wife...

Thanks again!!!!
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For aphotographer, I think the Canon dSLR(s) can be a great choice. You can select from plenty of lenses that Canon has. In addition, you can also select third party lenses from Tamron, Sigma, and (or) Tokina; just keep in mind that you need to get the ones with the Canon mount.

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I'd suggest any of the entry level dSLRs. I believe you can find entry level deals from most of the major players under $600, though you may have to buy an older model. (Don't worry about that...last year those cameras were the "greatest thing since sliced bread". They didn't suddenly become door stops with the release of the newer models.)

I personally use the Pentax K100D. You can get the K110D for well under $600 with a nice kit lens (it may be the cheapest deal out now, but I'm not certain). The Nikon D50 with kit lens is also a good deal. You can find Olympus 2 lens kits for not much over $600. The current Canon models are over $600, but you can probably still find the older models for less than $600. One thing I like about Pentax is that you can use basically any Pentax lens ever made, meaning you have a lot of inexpensive, yet optically very nice, lenses available. You can probably do that to some degree with the other brands, but since I don't own them, I can't say for sure.

Bottom line...if your wife knows/enjoys photography, she will really enjoy a dSLR. My enjoyment has gone up tremendously ever since I bought my first dSLR last spring. And regardless of what we all say about one camera over another, they ALL take great pictures compared to a point & shoot, and have so much more capability. Buy her one, she deserves it.

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I agree with Russ - get an entry level dSLR. That won't be much more than your hoped for limit, but I'd bet that isn't the first time that happened to you (or me). If your wife has some experience and training with good gear, she will be able to make use of a SLR so get one for her.

The big potential draw-back of a dSLR is the physical size. With yourlittle camera she is likely to be used to putting the camera in her pocket/purse/hat-band/... Any of the dSLRs are big and bulky enough to spend a bit of time thinking about that issue.
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Old Nov 8, 2006, 1:56 AM   #5
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as other people have said...i recommend an entry level DSLR.

perhaps a canon 300d, 350d or 400d. they are all excellent cameras.

also, the nikon d50 is an awesome one (i have it). if you're looking for zoom an 18-200mm lens is seriously a great idea as you don't have to change lenses! woo hoo!
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Thank you to ever one for replying. I guess it is unanimous! My wife thanks you!
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