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Hi every one first time i have looked at all the forums till i have square eyes and have two choices the cannon a95 or the cannon s1 is but which one? to start with it will be just point and shoot but i want to learn all about how to use the camera as well.I have brought a epson photo rx500 printer for my pics,i like the 10* zoom on the s1 but the a95 has more pixels will i notice a difference ?as my user name says i no very little about digital cameras but want to learn and am hopeing to get it for christmas thanks:?:?:?:?
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Hi. I'm not exactly an expert in photography or cameras for that matter but here's my two cents.

The 5mp of A95 looks juicy but it really depends on what size of picture you want to print out. If you are just into 3Rs or 4Rs, you simply just won't maximize the 5mp nor would you notice any difference with S1's 3.2mp.

S1 have the USM x10 optical zoom, personally, that's the biggest factor for me to choose this model between the two of them. But that is based solely on my personal preferences and recreational activities.

Technical features, I'm sorry I won't be much help here. Those that I'm familiar with, the two cameras seems to be in equal terms. While the other features that are not common between them are not really that familiar to me, so I cannot really tell you which of them have better qualities.

Comfort, try to hold them. Take sample shots... if the store allows you. Try to feel which of the two is comfortable with you. These are expensive equipment, you don't want to end up with something you don't feel like using.

There's actually a US$150-US$200 difference between the two of them. I don't know about your budget, but for me that is huge enough for me to settle for an A95.

I'm sure you have seen thereviews and specifications of thesetwo models but just in case...



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Can't tell you if you will notice a difference between the megapixels... If you print at4x6 or 5x7, then you definitively won't notice any differences. If you print at 8x10, then maybe you will be able to notice a difference but only if you focus on the details from very close. For bigger prints, the differences will be a bit more noticeable, but then again not that huge.

If I were you I'd go try both cameras to see which one feels best in your hands. Consider the size as you want to be able to carry the camera around. Also, what sort of pictures you want to take, will u really use the long zoom. Under what condition will you take the pictures ?

The A95 is a great camera, so is the S1 IS, if you want a great video mode or a long zoom,go for the S1 IS.
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As the other poster mentions, megapixels mainly determine the size of the picture you can print. Roughly speaking, 3 megapixels can print very good 4x6 and 5x7, with average 8x10 whereas 5 megapixels will print excellent 8x10. That's the main benefit of megapixels (size of print). What's the max size of the printer you bought? If it only prints 4x6 or 5x7 then going past 3 megapixels is not that important.

Another benefit of megapixels (although this isn't THAT important depending on what you do) is that high megapixels give you more freedom to crop a picture. Cropping simply refers to when you edit a picture by cutting a portion of the pic and concentrating on it (it's sort of like "zooming" into a small object out of the full picture).

The key difference between these two (apart from the zoom) is the size. S1 IS is an SLR-like camera (in terms of size), while the A95 is compact. A95 can be carried in a large pocket, large purse, and so on. The S1 IS is a bit big and isn't as convenient to carry around. So the first question is, does size matter to you? If you want to carry your camera to a restaurant/nightclub/whatever then something small is preferable. The A95 is not as small as an ultra-compact but is nevertheless much smaller compared to S1 IS.

The next thing is the zoom. Do you need zoom? High zoom allows you to take pics of far away objects. Typical examples include sporting events (zoom in on player from stands), and nature (animals/birds/etc).

If I remember correctly (have to check), the A95 has AF-assist lamp so it will perform better in low-light (eg. indoors, night, etc) than the S1 IS. The S1 IS is very bad in low-light (but note that if you use a flash and stay within its range (a few meters) then it isn't a big deal).

To put it simply, the S1 IS is larger, has more features, and is more complicated; the A95 is simpler to use, more convenient to use, and I think is a bit cheaper too (not sure about price??).

If you want to be an amateur photographer I would go with the S1 IS. The A95 is nice but the S1 IS is better for aspiring photographers.

(As a side note, the best ultra-zoom if you ignore video is arguably the Panasonic DMC-FZ3. If you decide to go with the S1 IS, you should consider all the competitors in the mid-end ultra-zoom category (and the Panasonic FZ3 is arguably the best if you don't care about video)).
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Have you looked into the Panasonic FZ series?

It seems the FZ-3 would be a nice compromise. It's around $300 US, 3 MP and VERY small, with an optically image stabilized 12X Leica lens.

The FZ-15 and FZ-20 may fit your needs better, depending on size, MP, hotshoe, manual focus ring, etc. and how important those features are to you.
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Thanks for all your help,never looked at the panasonic range,it has given me a lot to think about.Will let you no which one later have a good xmas:|
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