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Default New Camera for Bicyclist

I was given the choice of a to receive a camera for a birthday present. The camera picked for me was the Canon PowerShot A470 however, I have the ability to choose any camera since I will be ordering it.

I will be using the camera for bicycle touring & maybe hiking so most all pictures will be taken outdoors of landscapes or bicycling companions. Smaller the better but I think I like to be able to pick up AA batterys on the road if need be. I have never owned a digital camera so I am a complete newbie.

Most pictures will be online but some will be printed 5x8's.

I guess like everybody, I'm looking for the best quality pictures for my $. I'm wlling to spend $150 put can be talked in to a little more if it suits my needs. I've been looking at the Powershots A series but am having real trouble deciphering the differences in each camera.

The A470, A480, A590IS & A1000IS all seem to be in that price range but the only major difference I can see is megapixals.

Any suggestions what would suit me best. I open to any suggestions.
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The IS models you're looking at have stabilized lenses. That feature can help reduce blur from camera shake when shutter speeds are slower. The two IS models you're looking at also allow more focal range from wide to long compared to the A470 or A480. The A590 IS and A1000 IS have lenses that give you the same angle of view range you'd have using a 35-140mm zoom lens on a 35mm camera. The lenses on the other two models start out slightly longer on their wide end, and don't go quite as long when zoomed in all the way.

You may also find performance differences between them. I'd read the Review Conclusions here for any models you consider to get a better idea of how a model stacks up in areas like performance, image quality indoors and outdoors, etc. The Conclusion is the last page before the sample images in each review.
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Happy Birthday to you and Welcome to the Forum-

IMO the best camera of the group would be the Canon 590IS. That way you will have more control of your photos with both full manual and full automatic. Of the group it has received some really excellent reviews.

Sarah Joyce
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Thanks for the response.

My birthday was actually during the end of March. I just postponed the research. I'll be leaving soon on my tour so if I want a camera I best get picking.

The A590 sounds good but having trouble finding a good price. Canon's website list the MSRP at $129.99 but I don't see anybody selling it for that.
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You might read this roundup of budget cameras: http://www.dpreview.com/reviews/Q408...oup/page15.asp This is just the conclusion page. You can go to individual pages for the cameras.

Their recommended Panasonic LZ8 has full manual controls and stabilization. And a better zoom range. Buydig has it for $105 and free shipping. Buydig is reliable. http://www.buydig.com/shop/product.a...&sku=PNDMCLZ8K One thing the LZ8 lacks that the A590 has is an optical viewfinder.

Looking at the lack of listings for the A590 it appears it might have been discontinued and the limited remaining stock is being sold at premium prices. I wouldn’t pay the asking price when the LZ8 seems to be a comparable camera at almost half the price. The optical finder is very desirable IMO, but otherwise the LZ8 seems to be at least as competent with both a wider angle and longer tele.
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Thanks you all for the help.

Ordered up the LZ8
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i had a 470 ,it was OK but a little less than i expected regarding the overall image quality especialy at the outer edges.. well someone stole it and i replaced it with the a590 and man what a difference.. after experimenting with all the modes and options and finding ones that i liked i'm getting excellent image quality , actually more than i expected from a small POINT AND SHOOT ,....cool the only negative that i could do without in long cycle time from shot to shot when at max res and/or using the flash, all in all it's holding it's own in the use and abuse area as i take it with me always when i go out. all the other i owned before it died just as i was getting comfortable with them and the a590 at 100% and i think it will be around for a long time.... for the price you can't beat it.......
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