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I'll vote for the Nokia N95. Getting a little long in the tooth now, but 5mp camera with flash and autofocus, plus shoots decent (DVD quality) video. I use it as my mp3 player and gps when I jog.

Here's a shot of Clapton and Winwood at Madison Square Garden taken with the camera. I'd say it's as good as most $150 P&S cameras (minus the superzooms, of course).

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Nice photo! N95 can do some nice stuff at 5 mp. I think it is VG that has, hold on to your hat, 8 mp. N95 is 3G, I think it is quad-band if not at least tri-band. Well, thanks for the photo.
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Originally Posted by rjseeney View Post
Even at 2MP, I would expect photo quality to be much worse than a traditional digital camera. You will have no flash, a fixed focal length (no zoom) and a single aperature. The camera will likely be impossible to use indoors or with low light. There are many solid inexpensive digicams both new and used for under $200(US). I understand the convenience factor but for $550, you can get a phone, camera and MP3 player, all which will do a significantly better job than the hybid phone.
i agree with rjseeney and you can find many solid inexpensive digicams both new and used for under $200(US) here http://www.************.com/digital-...s-c-324_8.html
hope can help you and don't be considered an spammer
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Sorry. But, when a brand new member makes a post promoting a commercial site (especially if it's located outside of areas that most of our members are posting from, and that one is in China), I'm going to assume you're joining for the sole purpose of trying to promote a company, products or services.

We do not allow our forums to be used for commercial purposes, so when someone joins to advertise a site here, we do consider that to be spam.

As a result, all links to that site are now being filtered by our forums software, regardless of the member posting links to it.
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