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Default New camera purchase

Currently using a point and shoot and looking to make the jump to dSLR. In the past, I used a Pentax istD but rarely used it because of the battery situation (used 4-AA batteries so continuously giving me problems).

That said - we have been using the Nikon P100 for some time now and have grown somewhat accustomed to their menus. As we look at upgrading, the lean is towards a D3300, D5200, or D7100.

D3300 - save money on the body, while we learn how to properly use the camera. This will also allow more monies for lens and other accessories, as we have none.

D5300/D7100 - both all around great cameras and ones we will not wish to upgrade for some time. Lean towards the 5300 simply because of the occasional video taken and no need for earphone jack (all amatuer).

Camera uses - portraits and stills, wildlife, sports, some macros. Essentially most of the photography will be done outdoors. That said - I lean towards the 7100 because of greater flash capabilities.

Price is not as much of a concern as quality. Again, inexperienced photographers but do have some experience with Photoshop/GIMP.

So in summary, looking at the d3300 simply from a price point, the d5300 due to video (which will be less than 5% of time camera is used), and d7100 because it will take a while to outgrow it (and also favor the construction/sealing). Again, lean towards Nikon simply because we have been using Coolpix cameras for a number of years and like the menu. That said - if someone offers a better camera or lens selection, we definitely are willing to take that in to consideration as well.

Thank in advance!
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They all produce excellent images.

The D7100 has a 1/8000 shutter speed, while the others max out at 1/4000. This can be important when outdoor shooting in bright sunlight.

The D7100 can shoot at 6 fps, while the others can only manage 5 fps.

The D7100 uses a bigger, more powerful battery than the other two, and Nikon makes a battery pack/vertical grip for the D7100 that it doesn't make for the other two. That can have a big effect on your outdoor shooting adventures. (The availability of a battery pack/vertical grip from the manufacturer distinguishes, for me at least, whether the camera is intended for serious work. If you're serious, you might want to take this into account, even if you won't buy it right away.)

The D7100 also has an internal AF motor that the others lack. This would allow you to take advantage of some of those great old lenses that are available on the used market. (I picked up a Tokina 100-300mm f/4 lens for a song. It's on my D90 almost continuously. Without an internal AF motor, I wouldn't be able to use it. There are other great finds out there, that you'll miss if you must narrow your focus to new lenses.)
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Another camera to consider is the D7000. That and the D7100 are great cameras with built in focus motors. I'm saving for a D7000 to go along with my D7100.
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The "basic" AF system of the D3300 would steer me towards the other two....
The inbuilt AF motor of the D7000/7100 is also a boon if you fancy expanding your lens collection beyond AF-S G type lenses... otherwise the D5300 would do just fine...
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