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I am buying a Canon S2 IS today for outdoor photography. Some newbie questions:

1. Are there any accessories that are recommended.

2. Is the lense adaptor/extension lense worth getting.

3. Any tricks or trips for good outdoor photography; full auto; low light conditions, or tweaking?

4. How would users rate this camera out of a 5.

I found this note on the canon.ca site, any comments on it.

"Note: *1 Normal temperature (73° F/23° C). Shoot images at wide-angle and at telephoto and alternatively with 30 second intervals. Use flash every two shots. Turn camera off and on after every ten shots. LCD brightness setting by Factory default."

Thanks for any help.

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You will need a fast 512Mb memory card. I would guess at least 40X.

Hold off on extension lenses until you use the camera. 12X might be plenty. Even with stabilization you are into tripods for things that aren't in bright sunlight when you go to an extension lens.

When you shoot with the reciprocal of the 35mm eq focal length divided by over 4, use the burst mode. You will improve your chances of hitting a moment of null hand movement and getting a really sharp shot. That would be less than maybe 1/8 second in wide angle and less than around 1/80 second at full zoom. Work on a steady hold – it is still necessary with stabilization.

In difficult lighting use spot metering and pre-meter (shutter halfway) on what you most want exposed right. Then take a few more shots metered on different parts. If you are really into post processing you can shoot several with exposure bracketing of the same shot and merge the best two.

The best tweaking you can do IMO is to learn to use the histogram and alter the EV in auto based on the histogram. There are online tutorials to help understand what the histogram is telling you.

Take LOTS of pictures – they are free. Start with spot metering compared to matrix and see how you like the results in different situations. Mess with the histogram and EV shifts. Do some bracketing and compare the results. If there is something you don't understand the results of, post a picture without the EXIF stripped and someone can probably help with ideas.

I have no idea what that note is saying. It makes no sense to me.

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