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I'm looking for a new digital camera.

I have £100 to spend, maximum.
I'd like the camera to be good in low-light situations, i.e. nightclubs, outside events.
I would like the camera to be able to zoom whilst recording without losing the sound.

The last point is an absolute must, nearly every camera I read up on says that you can't zoom in whilst recording (which I really don't understand why).

I will be uploading pics and vids to Facebook, Youtube, etc, that kind of thing. I doubt I will ever print any out.

I used to have a Samsung I6 PMP which was fab, however unfortunately I lost it...it must have slipped out of my pocket one evening :sad:

I hope you can help me.

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Hi - Well I believe I can answer some of your questions, but probably not all of them. First, I have (actually my son currently has it at college), a Canon SD 500 that did record while zooming. The unit is about 6 years old so the video was nothing to write home about (640x480 if I remember correctly), but it had the basic capability your looking for. So one would expect to some degree that over that time span that this capability has been refined. The answer is probably not. A number of the newer cameras have not included this. My Panasonic LX3, does great video, but does not zoom while recording, and probably more importantly, probably would not continuously focus during the zoom operation or after. I think that is the more important query here - continually focusing while zooming. This can be tricky because as you zoom the area that your recording is becoming smaller and smaller, and if not well lit, it becomes very difficult to perform a focus lock. This requires additional capability - read extra cost. Video cameras are built for this type of operation, while this capability is just really an add on to digital cameras - not their main purpose in life.

In the dSLR area (which is beyond your stated budget), the only units that may do this would be the newer designs that eliminate the mirror. With the mirror in operation (i.e., down covering the sensor), it blocks the sensor - sending the view from the lens up to the viewfinder. When the mirror is up to allow the light to get to the sensor, the user looses the view via the viewfinder (thus able to effectively continue to point and frame the scene). You would need to look at the Panasonic GH1, as it does HD video recording, eliminates the mirror and replaces the optical mirror viewfinder with what is called EVIL - electronic viewfinder (essentially a TV monitor). Now as to whether or not it zooms and focuses during the zoom operation, it the question - most likely for someone here that has the unit, to answer.


Now to some cameras that some others indicate have the record while zoom capability - check out the following (from another website - I have never personally used them):
You might want to check out the following:

Canon PowerShot S5is
Kodak EasyShare Z712is
Casio Exilim EX-V7
... but you have to ask the question about continous focusing....

Hope that helps...

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