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Im new to the whole digital sceen and need some pointers on which camera is best. I was directed to this site which has lots of great information, but I still dont know what Im doing. I dont really know what a mega-pixel is or does, so I figured before I bought something that may or may not be "right" for me, Id ask for help.

Basically Im looking for advise on what to buy. I want to stay near or below $1000. Im not a professional photographer, but photos I do take are some still shots, some action and a good amount of nighttime. I dont know whether or not to get a digital SLR or one of those mega-zoom types like the sonys seem to have a lot of. I am looking for something versatile yet user friendly. A lot of the shots I take would require changing of lenses farely frequently to get an up close but then as conditions change, back to a wider type shot. I like the SLR's but I know that accessories can get quite pricey, but Im willing to spend money over time if thats what offers the best versatility.

I guess in summation, Im looking for anyones help on what the best is for the money, the type and the manufacturer. Any and all information is greatly appreciated.
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If you really don't know what a megapixel is, then you probably ought to start off reading about the meaning and use of the features that digital cameras have. Personally, I'd recommend


but also very helpful if you want to get more technical is


As for the best cameras, all the best camera sites (like Steve's Digicams) have buying guides:







Those would probably be a good starting point. Once you have narrowed it down to what kind of camera you want, what you want it to be able to do very well, and maybe a few models to choose from, that's when these forums become very helpful.

But given your budget and your desire for versatility and ideally a lot of zoom, I would say that the ones to look at would be these:


and maybe these:


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I'd suggest a cheap (under $250) small camera. Small enough to fit in your shirt pocket. After you have figured out how to use it, how to edit your photos, how to print them, ... you will have a much better idea of what you want in a more capable camera and the prices will have come down and/or quality gone up.

Even if you have a dSLR, you will have a use for a camera that fits in your pocket.
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