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I'm looking to get my first digital camera soon and wow, the range has totally blown me away.

All I'm looking for really is a compact camera that's not too expensive. I do a lot of independent traveling so a camera good for panoramic shots and self portraits would be really great. Also sturdy, and won't be damaged if I take pictures in the rain or snow!

I've done a little researching, reading reviews and such, but there seems to be a bit of contradiction here and there. But here's my shortlist anyhow, any help would be really appreciated

- Olympus IR300 (there doesn't seem to be much reviews on this) - AUS$399

- Casio Exilim EXZ110 - AUS$399

- Kodak V530 (I can only find ref. to V550, is that similar?) - AUS$448

- Canon Ixus 50/SD400 - AUS$499

- Casio Exilim EX-Z57 - AUS$499

- Pentax Optio S6 (Again, not much info)- AUS$499

- Samsung Digimax i5 - AUS$499

Okay, so that's not really a shortlist. Any info on any of these cameras would be great, or if there's another model that suits my needs that's not here - tell me!!

Thanks guys
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I have owned a Canon SD and a Casio Exilim (in neither case are the models exactly the same as you are consdiering). However, the differences between the two camera families are pretty consistent across family members. To my mind, the Canon takes somewhat better pictures and has a better feel to it (because it's a bit larger). The Casio has a totally awesome form-factor and takes perfectly acceptable pictures. So, to my mind, it boils down to whther you want the smallest possible package for a very serviceable camera or the best possible camera at a very serviceable compact size.
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I'm using V550 for a month now. I think V530 is ealier model. Quite happy with the photo quality. The only problem the battery life a bit short, but if you have spare battery then not too bad
Some sample photo below:

Also check at: http://www.trustedreviews.com/articl...&page=4306
Another alternative you may consider Panasonic DMC FX9
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"...won't be damaged if I take pictures in the rain or snow!"

I'm not familiar with every camera on your list; however, most of the cameras on that list will die quick deaths if you try to use them in the rain. Steve has a section under Camera Reviews called Weatherproof/UW. That's a good place to start your search.
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I went to Ted's the other day and had a look at the Olympus IR300 and the Casio Ex-Z110. The sales person kept trying to push me to buy the Olympus, going as far as offering to take the price down a further $100. Which sort of put me off the it because I am paranoidly suspicious like that.

Thanks tclune and armadilloshield for your input. I am leaning a little towards the Canon sd400, mainly because i love fun cameras and the canon seems to have a lot of fun features, but the thing that sways me against it is the reportedly fragile LCD screen and soft picture quality. As for the Kodak - it's funky no doubt about it, and the pictures look great. I haven't really considered it too much beforehand, but now I reckon I'll seriously have to have a thorough look at it! Thanks for the link to the review as well

lucky2505, you're right. I was told by the sales person that too-wet conditions equals pretty much a straight kill for most of the digicams. But wah, I am a complete 'judge-by-cover' person (bad bad bad) and most of the weatherproof cameras leave much to be desired in the form department. So I know I have to compromise something, as for which one I have yet to decide

So now if I am to disregard the waterproof requirement, the list is narrowed to Casio EX-Z110, Kodak V530, Canon IXUS50 and Pentax OptioS6 (for the awesome MPEG movie files). Not getting any closer...

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