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Default New guy Sony vs Canon ?

I have a sony a350 and will be buying an additional camera as my knowledge of photography increases. I will be keeping the a350 which I have accumulated three lenses for. My question is do I buy a Canon 7D with a 100-400 or do I go with the a850 with the 70-400 since I already have three sony lenses that are compatible with the a850. I will not be shooting many sports mostly portraits, scenery, nature.
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Welcome to Steve's.

I'll move this thread down to our What Camera Should I Buy? Forum for you, where you'll be more likely to get responses.

What is it about your A350 that you find limiting?

The A350 is not the best camera available for high ISO speed use. You'd be better off moving to the Sony A580 (or the 7D you're looking at) if that was a big concern.

But, for the types of photos you seem more interested in, the A350 should be a good choice for most users.
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I have a sony a550 and i associate in various camera clubs with members who mostly have canons and nikons. what i've found is that lots, not all, people are brand fan-boys. they talk about equipment and how much it cost and what they'll get next blah-blah-blah. when they see my sony, they ask why? i tell them for the pivoting lcd. then i ask how they take pictures from ground level or over the heads of crowds. usually, they stop asking at that point. will you miss that if you went canon?

what i'm leading to is "what feature does the Canon 7D have that you want?". i'd expect IQ to be close enough for day-to-day even tho the sony 850 is FF. did you really mean the sony a580?

and these lenses you have. what are they? if they're the kit zooms, they don't have a lot of value so don't be basing your future camera body choice on them.
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BTW, if you're seriously considering a long telephoto zoom lens, the Sony 70-400 'G' is the best available for any camera. That should probably sew it up as to which brand you should go with.
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Yes, sorry a850, the lenses I have are Sony70-300mm f4.5-5.6 Zoom Lens,Sony DT 55-200mm f/4-5.6 Zoom Lens, and a Minolta fish eye lens not sure the specs it is not in front of me right now
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