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Carolina Lead Foot May 30, 2015 4:23 PM

New Guy update
Thanks to the generous help from this site and reading here and elsewhere I finally have an outline for the near future. I am going to stay with Canon for their overall offerings. I am not saying anything bad about any other Brand, but I went with Canon 50+ years ago and had no equipment problems then and might as well stay with a Brand I am comfortable with.

Budget is still a critical factor and to get the body I want along with the appropriate lens' just does not make sense since I would not start until the 4th quarter of '15. I will want two bodies for a whole lot of reasons and also need not only to learn how to use the functions in the camera I also need to learn the software I will be loading on the communication device of mine PC). I am going to buy a SX60. It has similar functions to the DSLR I will be buying and it will no only provide a learning tool for the camera functions but also the software that I will be learning (Adobe). This will allow me to make the buy during June and give me a 3 to 4 month jump on the learning curve. I really like taking wildlife photos and also love to hunt. Hunting allows me to get in the woods and not affect the wildlife. Taking game is a very small part of the hunt. Seeing hawks feeding, fox doing their thing along with the reptiles and insects, a small camera like a SX60 will work better than a larger DSLR. I have a small tripod that I can set up in my blind and carry it out in my backpack. When it think back the last 20 years or so I have seen a whole lot of different animal life that could have been captured digitally rather than just having my mental pictures.

Thanks again, Lead Foot

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