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Hello people,

I'm in a need of little advice here, just only a while ago I had the idea to buy a new digicamera. My budged is somewhere between 200-400euros, now, please note that I'm no expert in this area, actually I don't know jack about it, other than the megapixels are rather important.
However, I'd like to have a rather "small" camera - not exactly necessary but still.
My friend recently bought a Fuji S5500 digicam, I find it a good cam, could you say your professional view about it?
Then this is the one I've been seriously thinking to buy: http://www.dcresource.com/reviews/so...ew/index.shtml
Sony DCS-P150, I thought this was a great cam, not too big either, it is 440euros at the moment, but I thought the prices would go down a bit within few months (I only need it for the end of March) Could you say if its good one to buy, and what makes it different from the Fuji one, other than the size. Also if there's any other cam's costing around 200-400e, that I should take a look at please do say so. What you recommend etc.

Please help this little newbie out lads, would mean a lot to me
Thanks in advance!
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I own the P150, and I love it. I would highly reccomend it. Great picture quality, dependable, and very responsive. It's actually very small, about the size of a cell phone. There are occasional reports of blurring, but as long as you're not addicted to coffee, you should be fine.

Best of luck with your search!~Jack

PS- Go with the P150! You won't regret it!

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Hi Miksu! Your countryman here
Digicams and taking pics have almost become an obsession to me (it's so cheap once you've got the cam).
Bought my first 2megapix Olympus C-220 for about 2,5 yrs ago, was very happy with it. Then the hunger grew and I got my 4megapix Canon IXUS 400 in Feb last year. Have used it since and am still using it, taken thousands of pics - a great camera.
Now a few months ago I got the Sony DSC-150 and am really impressed about the price/quality :!:

The Sony is just amazing. Good pics, long battery life, 7mb, handy size etc. Especially glad about the pic quality. Tested it on the New Year's night taking pics with the Fireworks setting and without even a tripod and the pics were amazingly good especially since I don't consider myself as any kind of pro. One big minus with SONY in general is their memory sticks which are still expensive wherever you try to buy them but I guess you pay for the quality.

At the moment I'm still reading reviews and learning from them but can definately say this is the best camera I've had and heard many of my friends having tested. I am, however, still carrying with me even the Canon IXUS 400 and using it for certain conditions. So far I haven't learnt how to get the most natural colours with indoor&flash pics with 150 and therefore I often use Canon for that kind of pics. IMO Canon's colours are closest to being natural.

I am considering even to buy the new Canon IXUS 40 to my sis (have too many myself already). That's also a good option to consider and it would suit your price range.
Wait a few months since the prices drop so fast, even here in Finland. I would have saved a few hundred myself if I've had the patience to wait. New Canon IXUS uses SD cards these days eventhough the CompactFlashes are ok, getting faster and the prices drop day by day.

Short; go for SONY 150 but consider even Canon - you won't regret having bought either of them - I haven't.
Maybe I've been lucky with my cams - none of them have been "Monday pieces"; have never had any probs with anything having to do with them (knock on wood)
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Hey BlueFish!

I'll most likely go for the p150, I've been checking around the digicam forums and site's and noticed that there's a new one coming from Sony (p200) in February if I'm correct, so as soon as that comes out the p150 price should normally drop drastically! So I'm rather certain I'll go for it.

Do you think a 256mb memorystick will do? Also I'm really have no idea about stuff like this - so could you tell me approximately how many photo's you can take with such memorystick? You think I should go for the 256 or 512?

Will also check those Canon models out.
Thank you for all the effort that you've put in the reply, really appreciated!
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Hi Miksu!

About the memory stick capacities.
Sony gives approximate numbers for pics you can save on the cards. Naturally it all depends on the settings you use for the pics. I haven't filled my cards (2x256MB) completely yet so I cannot give any exact numbers but maybe the following figures give you a hint of how many pics you can take, figures refer to picture qualities Fine/Standard:
7M setting - 256MB card: 67/132
7M setting - 512MB card: 137/268
5M setting - 256MB card: 92/174
5M setting - 512MB card: 188/354

Remember - eventhough you have the 7M option, you can always choose a smaller pic size. I tend to use mine so that I always have the Fine as pic quality but then I swap between the 7M and 5M pic size depending on how/for what I plan to use the pics I take. Even the 5M size produces great A4 size prints.

I suggest you "invest" direct to the 512MB card. SanDisk competes with Sony and I have used SanDisk's cards cause they are about 20eur cheaper than Sony's. Do buy also the Memory Stick PRO -versions cause the PRO has, for example, bigger capasity, faster transfer speed and more security factors compared with the "plain" memory sticks.
The PROs can also be used in colder temperatures which is good to know especially in Finland - they promise you can use it even in -20C.
Think also about where you intend to use your camera. If you are on the road for long times without the possibility of emptying your mem stick, you might want to have 2 cards which you can swap. Should something happen, you may lose all your pics on one card only - the bigger the card, less often you might plan to back it up.

Like you said the P200 is expected to be out soon so it's wise to wait to see how P150 price reacts to that. I have also read the first impressions review of P200; seems to be a lot like P150 but it would be nice to know what the EUR price here will be! They suspect it will be as cheap as about 399 USD.

BTW it looks lovely outside right now with all the snow we've got so it probably means I'm out with my Sony tomorrow taking some awesome winter pics :-)

Have a nice weekend!
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