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No offense Roni, but some of the problems with the shots you posted may be more photographer than camera. As an example, in the second pic..."it is indoor and dark", the outdoor portion of the photo is perfectly exposed, because your camera locked in on the bright outdoor light in the center of the composition - exactly what it's supposed to do. You could plunk down $800 on a brand new digicam, and the results would be exactly the same. You need to tell the camera what you're trying to do, either by locking in on a dark portion of the room, or forcing a fill flash, or both. If your camera has manual options, aperture priority would be in order here. In the first pic, the sidelight could have been eliminated or at least reduced by the use of a sun shade and polarizing filter. The third pic may be more of a lack of resolution thing rather than the photographer's fault.

My intent was not to criticize your abilities, rather to make you aware that spending a lot of money on a camera does not guarantee great pictures. Since you seem to want to learn and improve, I would recommend buying a camera that has enough manual controls to play around with, but still takes great pictures in 'point and shoot' mode. I would also recommend not spending a great deal of money on a camera at this point in time, until you become more proficient and are ready for the next step. Since you want to take pictures of family and outdoor wildlife, you will need a camera with decent low light capabilities, a decent flash, and a good zoom. From personal experience I can recommend the Fuji S5100 as a good choice, both for affordability and features. It has a 10X zoom, 4 MP, AF assist lamp, great picture quality, very good video, and excellent battery life (with NiMH AA's) . It has sufficient manual controls to keep you busy learning for awhile, and will cost you half of what some of the other cams listed in this thread would.

Good luck.

the Hun

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Hun....don't worry you did not offend me at all. I am glad you pointed those things out to me because you are very correct about everything you mentioned. I am not verycamera proficient as you can already tell. Reading all these number and letter combos really leave me with a blank. I have no idea what everyone is talking about but I will soon learn as I keep reading everyone 's posts on this site. I don't think my camera is very good quality though. It is Kodak Easy Share 3.2 mp. Eventually i will learn everything I need to learn and i will definately come here for the critiques. I will need them. Thank you !
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roni624 wrote:
I have no idea what everyone is talking about but I will soon learn as I keep reading everyone 's posts on this site.

I would strongly suggest if you want to improve as a photographer you get a book on the subject - especially understanding exposure and how aperture, shutter speed and ISO work for setting exposure. There are some very helpful people here who can definitely provide some advice on specific situations, but I personally believe having a good book on the subject - used in conjuncture with your camera will move you along much faster. Good luck and don't forget to have fun!!
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The new Fuji F-10 might be a good choice for Ronni. It costs just $300 and has an ISO capability of up to 1600. Thus, it has great flash and existing light capabilities. Here is a sample of what the Fuji F-10 can really do.

Sarah Joyce
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