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DJim Oct 7, 2006 1:44 PM

After a lot of research and in-store handling, my choice came down to the Canon S3 and the Sony H2. Though each have issues I'd like changed or added, I'm 95% decided on the H2. Any thoughts on a Sony H3 or Canon S4 by Feb '07?

Sintares Oct 7, 2006 2:12 PM

Why the H2 instead of the H5 ?

DJim Oct 7, 2006 7:20 PM

The S3 and H2 are about equal in price so an extra $100 for another MP and 3in lcd doesn't seem to me to be a good deal when some reviews say the H5 has more problem with noise. The differences in times between the H2 and H5 seem negligible.

sr2002 Oct 8, 2006 4:50 AM

ru kidding me dude ... the H5 retails for just 10$ less then S3 on amazon.
u must have read it wrong ... h5 is not that pricy.

but i would rather prefer the S3 becuz its fast ... uses Sd cards ... better lens with less CA and Pf than H5 ... and a sviwel screen .. the 3inch screen is just gonna be a pain to take care of ... u'll have to be really carefull with it ... and also its gonna make u loose ur batteries reall fast.

Sintares Oct 8, 2006 8:56 AM

Better lens ?

*Cough* Canon fanatic *cough*

The S3 has pf and ca as well, it also seems to on occasion throw thick red lines around highlighted areas.

I would much prefer a larger screen that can actually be seen outside versus a tidly screen that swivels.

And at least Sony buyers get a charger, nimh batteries and the extension tube as standard, Canon want you to pay extra.

And you may have the faster burst rate, we have better photo quality and better high ISO performance.

sr2002 Oct 9, 2006 3:05 AM

(Cough)Sony fanatic(cough)

i am not canon fanatic .. infact i have a nikon cam myself ... wut i said earlier was just based on the millions of reviews that i read across the net cuz i was planin to buy a ultrazoom cam. but it doesnt matter much cuz im buying the rebel xt now.

sony only provides 2 batteries which is not sufficient .. so if u wanna by 2 more u have to necessarily buy the sony batteries itself .. cuz other brands wont match ... plus ur have to buy the pricy memory stick pro duo ... plus the 3inch screen is probably gonna be a pain to carry around ... u'll have to be like too carefull .. but with canon u can just flip it inside and theres no worries. reviews also show that panasonic and canon has the best stabalisation in the class.

just check the review on the h5 has much more CA and Pf than the canon or panasonic. Theres a reason why the canon has 72 reviews and the sony has only 25 reviews on amazon. plus the canon offer 60fps of movies ... and widescreen photography.
i would give the sony 3rd place below the panasonic Fz7 and canon S3

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