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HeadRusch Jun 10, 2006 5:57 PM

Simply put, I'm using my tiny little Canon SD-400 to take natural-light (manual flash off) pictures of my kids with a tripod.

The problem is, now the kids are getting a little older, and they are always moving.

With the flash, I get a totally underexposed dark background (Do they MAKE tiny little flash-defletors for these little cameras?? Even a little angular piece of plastic could do the trick!) I try to shoot without the flash, which means using a tripod.

But the kids move and the shot gets blurred.

Forget about adjusting the shutter speed or bumping up the ISO, that just puts so much grain into the picture they are unusuable.

I was wondering if the new Sonys that claim to offer no motion blur actually work??
Is it only on when the flash is firing? And if not, do they achieve this affect by making the picture overly-soft??

Anyone know? Thanks again!!

tkrotchko Jun 11, 2006 9:57 PM

If this system works similarly to others, it won't keep out the blur caused by the movement of the subject, rather it minimizes the impact of your hands shaking as you take the picture, particularly in low light.

There is no substitute for for a faster shutter speed when it comes to capturing moving subjects. That's one of the many reasons people buy cameras with interchangable lenses; you can buy expensive lenses with a wide aperature that lets you use faster shutter speeds.

The other alternative is to use a flash, but that only works when the subject is close to the camera. However, I'm just a beginner, I'm sure other people have more detailed advice.

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