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john j12 Nov 1, 2005 7:46 PM

i am in the market for my first digital camera and was looking at the casio ex750 and the panasonic fx9. i am having much trouble deciding. any suggestions welcome.


henryd31 Nov 2, 2005 2:33 PM

I'd like to also know opinions on these two cameras in comparison. I have been lurking for a bit now as well, at first concentrating on the Canon SD400-550 series but wanted to look at other options as well after reading more and more here and elsewhere. I'm sure Canon's would be great, I currently own S330 but need an upgrade now and any of these models would be probably a big improvement. It would seem for low light (and in this the new camera I choose needs to be much better than my S330 for WAF reasons) Fuji F10 is the best bet but I didn't like the aesthetics of it and decided to hold off a bit before buying anything new. I also decided (I think) that SD400/450 would be to fragile looking for me so at this point SD500 seems to be the choice from Canon's offerings. I really like the DMC-FX9 from the looks and the specs, the main question about it would be whether the IS justifies the lower ISO support where it was mentioned on some reviews that at ISO160 and up the noise is rather bad, but does having IS help here in low light substantially ? Comparing to F10 again, from the announcements of its successor the F11 it would seem like a better choice and possibly just an improvementthe alreadygood low light performerF10, but then people say this model will not be sold in USA, so that's a problem. There are others that either are too new on the market or not out yet:

Olympus SP-350, seems to be real good at reasonable price

Fuji E900, would this be the comparable one to F11 since the latter not available in USA (besides the F10 which I don't really like)

Ok, so I have had really nothing to say to help the original poster, sorry about that. Simply stating the options I'm stuck on now, with Casio and Panny being two out of few of them as well.

gpwr Nov 2, 2005 3:06 PM

Casio Z750 would be a better choice among the two ones you mentioned. FX9 just have way too much noise. The IS doesn't help much at least in my tests. You may want to look at Fuji F10 for better performance in low light. But is it is thicker than Z750 and FX9.

henryd31 Nov 3, 2005 9:00 AM


Read a bit more on the Panasonic cameras, LZ2, LX1 and FX9. It would appear all Panasonic's have the noise issues rather early. The FX9 seems to be a bit more flexible with it. You say the IS adds little if any improvement to the whole story. If anyone else can confirm, then I guess I have to skip Panny from considerations and either wait for some reviews of the Fuji E900 or go the sd500 route.

Charlie46227 Nov 4, 2005 1:39 PM

I might add is that Panasonic has opted to allow more noise in order to retain the detail. MANY cameras have less apparent noise because the camera's algorithm reduces it but at a cost of sharpness/detail. A quick pass through software like noise ninja will bring it in line with the others but also brings down the image quality to the others (smoothness). My experiene with the Pany FZ-10 (a larger camera) is that Panasonics do not do very well inside without adequate light, but with good light, they are quite good (again using the larger camera, not the compacts.) Since I hate to use flash, I opted for the Fuji F10 for 'people' pictures. Just got it but the 'natural' scene mode appears to work pretty well.

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