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i have a young family who will be the subject of most of my pics.

1)is the a700 lens that much better than the a540 lens to make the extra zoom worth it?

2)after narrowing my search down to the a700 and the a540, i started to see posts about the a620 that it has a quicker reload between pics (i know thats not the correct term - bear with me), and a swivel lcd. what is better about the swivel (how would i use it) ?

3)overall, for my purposes, which camera do you recommend?

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If you are considering those 3 cameras, most people think that the A620 is too much of a bargain to ignore. The minimal time to snap a pic and between pics as well as the quality of the A620 imagesis up there with the best in its class. I wonder why Steve does not list it in his 'best cameras'. For indoor shots the flash is available- some might point out that the Canons are not the best in low light. The swivel lcd can be pulled out from the camera back and turned in numerous ways allowing you to hold the camera almost anywhere, above your head, down at you feet or even facing you (taking a picture of yourself) and still be able to composethe picture looking at the lcd.

The extra zoom of the A700is nice to have but only you can decide if it is worth the extra money. The zoom won't give you a better quality image, it will enable you to make an object further away appear closer. I didn't think it ws worth the extra cash, soI recently ordered the A620 for my adult daughterwho uses her camera output to complement her work in graphic design. Sorry, but I didn't consider the A540 to be quite up to the other two, especially when the price is considered.For your type and sizephotos you will most likely not notice a difference in quality between the three.

These are not the smallest of cameras so while they should fit in a pants pocket they will almost certainly be too big for a shirt pocket.

Hope this helps as I am not yet familiar with these particular models (I had a CanonA95 with swivel screen) but have been doing some extensive reading. The A95 had apainful delay between pressing the button and the picture being actually taken.
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