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kluivert76 Sep 15, 2005 8:19 AM


I am thinking about taking up photography for a hobby and am wondering what digital camera I should get. I want to get quite a professional camera so that I won't have to spend more money on an upgrade once I get the hang of it. I want to spend around US$1200. I also want the camera to be good enough to take sporting shots (soccer matches for example) and be able to take continuous shots.

Can you also tellme the difference between a digital camera and an SLR camera, also is it possible get digital SLR cameras. As you can tell I am truly a beginner and have no idea what I am talking about! :)

Thanks for your help,


speaklightly Sep 15, 2005 9:05 AM


Thanks for joining the group. Yes, there are indeed dSLR cameras. I can understand your desire to forego a succession of digital camera, and to move ahead with vigor. I would suggest that you consider a digital camerajust short of the dSLR category, the Fuji S-9000. It will be a challenging camera for you and it will force you to learn a good deal about the principles of photography, in general, as well as the unique aspects of digital cameras.

By doing so you will limit your investment to $699 and have some money remaining for accessories, chips, a good camera bag and the like. I admire you spunk and motivation. There is a lot to learn and IMHO this would be a good way to begin.

I am sure that others can offer many good suggestions as well.

Sarah Joyce

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