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MaryRose Jan 12, 2006 2:30 PM

kwalin - another thought regarding lenses. We are planning on getting the Tamron 18-200mm Di-II Konica Minolta lense for our KM 5D. (It is designed to be used withdigital SLR's. Tamron makesthis lense for KM, Nikon, Canon, etc. so you can purchase the one that corresponds with the camera you purchase.)

My husband and I have spent many years using SLR cameras and changing lenses. When we bought our last SLR we decided to try the Tamron 28-200mm lense so wewouldn'thave to change lenses. We have been very happy with the lense and we plan on buying the Tamron 18-200mmDi-II to usewith our new KM 5D.

It's so convenient to switch from very close range to a wide angledistance shot in a matter of seconds without changing lenses!

If you search around the internet you will find criticism for this lense as well as people that say they are very happy with it as a "walk around lense". Based on our positive experiece with the Tamron 28-200mwith our SLR we aregoing to buy the Di-II.

I recenlty spoke with a salesman at a very reputable local camera shop. He has the DI-II and has been very happy with it as well.

Good luck!

Mary Rose

peripatetic Jan 13, 2006 3:18 AM


We have been very happy with the lense and we plan on buying the Tamron 18-200mm Di-II to use with our new KM 5D
200mm is going to be quite limiting on safari I think.

You really want 300mm minimum, a 300+1.4x teleconverter would be even better.

Also there is usually a fairly significant quality improvement to be gained from splitting the focal length range into 2 lenses. The 18-200 is certainly a convenient range for a walkaround lens though and would be sensible choice if you only want one lens.

MaryRose Jan 13, 2006 9:43 AM

Excellent suggestion, Peripatetic!! (I forgot they will begoing on asafari!!)


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