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I'm looking at the Nikon D50, but not sure what type of lens to go with. I'm far from a serious photographer... just want a really good camera for taking family shots (so fed up with shutter lag with two kids under 2... thus taking the plunge on the SLR).

Is the 28-80mm F/3.3 G Lens good for a casual user? I see it's on sale right now with this particular lens at Wolf and Ritz for $599, but they have others too.

Any help is GREATLY appreciated. I see this site mentioned all over message boards I belong to... very good resource!

Thanks, Jennifer
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No, most everyone will tell you that any of the 28mm and over lens (if that is your only lens) is not a good choice. The D50 has a lens magnification factor of 1.5. So, the 28mm lens actually acts like a 42mm. The area of view is kind of narrow for normal use. You will have trouble taking pictures in small rooms. You can get away with the 28, but I have others say they wish they bought the 18.

I bought a D50 body only, and bought the 18-200mm lens. It covers everything I need without having to change lens. It works for me. People looking for superior images will want short ranges in their zooms, and change lenses as needed. I wanted something more simple. It depends on what you need. I was surprised at how much I use the 18mm end of the lens. The 18mm lens tend to cost more.

See what others have to say. I have seen a few people who are happy with the 28mm lens.

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I would reccomend the Tamron 18-200mm XR Dii lens on a Nikon D-50. It is a great lens and it is very well priced. Avoid Quantaray lenses from Wolf and Ritz camera. They are very poor quality Sigma reject and not at all worth the price asked for them.

What is the basis that I am making these recommendations, you might ask. I have bee a Digital Photography Instructor for our state university for 11 years and have been a professional photographer for 50+ years.

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hi if you get the d50

i have the tamron 28-200

its a lot less money than others mentioned [email protected] beach camera

heres some samples form a novice

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What type of photography will you be doing?? Your shooting habits will help dictate what lens to choose. In reality the kit lens is not all that bad and offers alot of value for the price. I'm not a huge fan of superzooms because of obvious distortion on the extreme ends. The nikon 18-200 is very good with not as much distortion as the Sigma and Tamron offerings, but it is quite pricey. These lenses do work ok for the casualshooter. As was said before, you really need the 18mm end. You will find it is usually much easier to get closer to a subject than to move farther away, especially indoors. Any lens that starts at 28mm will give you the field of view of a 42mm lens with the D50.
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