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croatia21 Nov 30, 2006 11:24 AM

I have read many articles on internet and topics here on this forum but i still cannot decide what to buy.

I am looking for digitalvideo camerathat can record movies inat least640 x 480 format (30 fps) and also capture :|pictures. The picture and video quality must be the best that you can buyfor that money. [glow=blue]Quality of the picture/video[/glow] is the most important thing for me.

Please give me some advice.

I have also found some multi-function "hybrid" digicams made by Winait Technologies (China). Here is the link:

I didnt find anything aboutWinait on this forum. Maybe someone can tell usfew wordsabout Winait digital cameras.

slipe Dec 1, 2006 10:53 PM

If your secret location is in the US you can pick up a Canon A540 for around $172 delivered. Photo quality in a non-DSLR doesn't get much better at any price. You can get added features but it is hard to beat the quality.

You should be able to fit a memory card in and still stay below your budget. Office Max has a 1 Gig Toshiba SD card for $18 this week. There will be more next week.

It is almost funny that you would make a big fuzzy blue banner emphasizing quality and then ask about an off-brand hybrid.

croatia21 Dec 4, 2006 5:17 AM

Thank you very much for reply slipe. :|

My secret location is in Europe (Slovenia). If i want to by this camera in my country then i must pay at least $344 US. This is the price inour stores. Seems that our stores are making big bucks. :evil:

You guys are lucky if you are from USA. You cannot beat USA prices. :cool:

I cannot buy it on because they dont sell eletronic stuff to Europe (Slovenia). It is also very hard to get stuff from because most of the products are only shippedtrough USA.

I have managed to find new Canon A540 on english ebay site ( with excellent price $146 - $165 US. The only problem is that shipping to my country cost $97 USA. The guy who is selling this new camera is from Hong Kong.

I have also found new Fuji finepix f20 (UK ebay) that will cost me $200 US (camera price + shipping from USA to Slovenia). Many people on this forum also recomended this camera. Thay have said that Canon A540makes better pictures on sunlight and fuji at low-light. Steve also gave good review for this camera.

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